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Life Path Compatibility 3 and 9 (the SECRETS)

Compatibility between life paths 9 and 3 can take off smoothly. However, it is important to note that every relationship requires secrets and work for compatibility to take place. Their best input is necessary. If 9 becomes the problem solver they are known to be, they can handle every problem in the relationship. They are good at offering guidance to others. This is an attitude that will promote compatibility with ease. When life path 3 meets the efforts of 9 with their good renowned communication skills, their relationship will take off smoothly and seamlessly.

Jennifer 9 and Justin 3 have been married for many years and have been happy to attain compatibility. Justin is blessed with artistry skills that are expressed through oratory and other good forms of communication. They have been happy since they learned the power to accept the need to embrace their differences. “Do not force your partner to be like you, or ho0w you pictured they would be. It is best if they offer the relationship their uniqueness,” said Jennifer at a dinner party they had been invited to. Since then, they have been happy to give more room for personal growth, provided it is positive.

Bradley 9 is an engineer who has inspired the lives of many. Kevin is one case that has been changed by the genuine advice given by his boss, Bradley. Kevin says that Bradley has become of great inspiration to many, and I admire being like him. This has enhanced business in his firm since they are always loyal to him. This turns Bradley to be friendly to people who are in their youthful years, to attain the position of offering his best advice to them. He is an icon and mentor to many in his society who are seen to have good intentions at heart.

Do You Make a Great Team

Making a great team does not necessarily have to mean you have already attained compatibility. But the little compatibility you have attained does contribute to being a great team player. If you are a team player, you work together with a common goal to achieve. You also help your partner to do things they cannot possibly do. When you are not a good team player, you work against the grain.

This will show no hope or too much work necessary for compatibility. A great team does not complain about the other person’s weaknesses and brag how their skills and strengths made them achieve their current position. Instead, they stick together and work selflessly to attain the goal as partners.

Your Partner Allows You to Be Yourself

Most people will try to change their partners to make them fit within a specific cocoon or style of life they consider best. This will only demoralize your partner and makes them feel as if they are not good enough. When you need to give your partner hope to attain compatibility, it is best that you provide them with a chance to be the best versions of themselves. Most people fail to know that what you intend to change in your partner could lead to the missing link to compatibility in your relationship.

Exercise Good Communication Skills

Being good communicators does not mean you have to talk to each other most times of the day. It simply means that you should have your way with words. Know what your partner would like to hear if they put on a nice dress or shorts for the first time. Know what your partner needs to hear at times when life’s billows have tossed them about.

If your partner has wronged you, it is important to know how to communicate it. Most people result in silence which never helps. Instead, highlighting the problem is what matters. Hit the nail on the head, yet in a gentle. You are in no authority to rudely and harshly because your partner wronged you as if they are hard to hear.

Have Fun Together

If you are fond of having fun together, it is a good sign of compatibility in your relationship. Most couples who like to spend time and have fun together can be found giggling often. Having time together means that your partner is a priority in your life. It also means that you enjoy each other’s company and trust each other. This is a great investment since most memories will not fade even when you are old, and you will never regret losing any available opportunity.

Have Mutual Respect

Respect is paramount if you need to attain compatibility. As a matter of fact, it is not a request to respect your partner. But in the relationship’s best interest, it is important if the respect is mutual. Here, you will respect each other’s ideas, ideologies, and personalities. If you notice a decline in respect, compatibility is further away from being attained. When mutual respect is exercised, compatibility is likely to take place.

You Offer Each Other Unlimited Support

Supporting your partner is the greatest and most excellent assurance of attaining compatibility. Do not let your partner get to the point of begging for your support. Instead, give it freely and willingly. This will make the attraction between you stronger. Couples who do not offer each other support are dormant since the little ideas being presented were suppressed. People who are not supported will have no hope; thus, they have no hope for the relationship as well.

It is also important that you support the potential of your partner. In most cases, they will not speak it out, commonly due to fear of the reception. When you show support for the potential you identify in them gives them more enthusiasm to achieve and strive for more.

Observe Limits and Boundaries

People are different, and what one likes, the other hates. Relationships are no exemption, and observing them will avoid making your partner feel offended. If some habits do not make your partner comfortable, unlearn them for a better course of compatibility.

Life Path Number Compatibility Table

Your Life Path NumberVery Good CompatibilityOK CompatibilityCould go either wayChallenging combination
13 , 52 , 61 , 7 , 94 , 8
22 , 4 , 81 , 3 , 675 , 9
31 , 52 , 3 , 6 , 94 , 7 , 8
42 , 86 , 73 , 41 , 5 , 9
51 , 3 , 7562 , 4 , 8 , 9
66 , 91 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 85 , 7
75 , 741 , 2 , 6 , 3 , 98
82 , 4 , 8631 , 5 , 7 , 9
96 , 931 , 72 , 4 , 5 , 8
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