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Life Path Compatibility 4 and 7 (the SECRETS)

Compatibility between life paths 4 and 7 is okay. This means you will not have so much trouble working to attain compatibility. This is because life paths 7 is known to be always finding out the truth, as well as taking challenges head-on. However, you might need to work on your skepticism n laughing in unlikely situations. They are leaders, especially in spiritual matters. Life paths can blend well from their natural energy. They are true, and life paths 7 not like lies. This will promote compatibility within a short time.

No matter how the compatibility seems for 4 and 7 seems to match, Jasmine and Farouk have jumped multiple hurdles. They did not let differences in their personalities hinder them from attaining compatibility. At the beginning of their relationship, they noticed a few signs that showed they would get compatible fast. However, Jasmine had issues with their ego to deal with. They also had a few things that needed attention. After this, they had an easy time getting around compatibility.

Fatima 4 is a good friend to Ishmael. They met while in the university and could not resist the attraction between them. They were able to attain compatibility after a short while in the marriage. When asked for the secret, they stated that they did not assume that the ease of compatibility for their life paths was enough. They knew they require much work, which has helped them to attain great success in their marriage.

They can thrive well in multiple relationships, be it work, friendship, or romantic relationships. However, there has to be work input to attain full compatibility that includes:


Treating each other with the utmost respect is important for a couple that is purposing to attain compatibility. Some factors promote respect in a couple that pertains:

  • Absence of malice
  • Benefit of doubt
  • Good will

Respect should be practiced both ways. Thence, minimal to no obstacles to attain compatibility will be experienced.

Good Communication Skills

There is a high need for good communication for a relationship to be fully compatible. This does not refer to insensitive communication. You must practice good communication skills, and know-how to express anger, wishes, thoughts, frustrations, disappointments, and so on. Good communication also includes listening. If you find yourself talking to then it does not fit the description of communication. Communication is talking with, without raising voices or taking offense not to mention vulgar and insults.

Positive Ways to Deal With Issues

Every couple must come up with ways that are positive if they intend to attain compatibility. Life will toss us about from time to time. What matter is how you can handle the disappointments of life. Staying positive is necessary when:

  • Negotiating for something
  • Solving a problem
  • Someone has made you angry
  • Has used rough words

It is not right for a couple to get cold and silent toward their partners. This is a poor method of dealing with problems and a blockage to compatibility.

Staying Loyal and Faithful

The compatibility of every relationship must be promoted by faithfulness and loyalty. Faithfulness involves keeping your partner’s secrets, as well as defending them. This is important since it brings the feeling of security around your partner. Couples should seek to be faithful to their partners, giving them the right and necessary security. If you are faithful, it will translate to loyalty. Loyalty is an assurance to your spouse that they are safe and can confidently confide in you.

Protect Trust

Trusting yourself or being trusted by your partner is a great honor. However, it is not a must that they trust you. Trust can be easily earned by a new couple. It is one of the most critical pillars in any relationship. When it is unfortunately broken, it cannot be easily mended. It takes hard work which will not guarantee its restoration. The most important thing for compatibility of a relationship is to protect trust and never be broken.

Sacrifice for the Relationship

At times you may be forced to sacrifice certain things in your lifestyle or character for the relationship. The compatibility will demand a lot of things for it to work. When you are not interested in a certain activity, you may be required to sacrifice it for the sake of your partner. And who knows, you may like it along the way. You could also forsake friends who will lead you astray from attaining compatibility in your relationship. Some friends whore lure you into activities your partner hates may hinder compatibility. For instance, people who encourage partying late into the night. untreatable road trips with no end in sight. Get friends who will inspire you to pursue compatibility with all your living cells.

Discover Common Interests

When you are on the road to attaining compatibility, it is right to spend time together. This does not always have to be indoors this can be outdoor activities. When you are having fun, you may discover social activities that you enjoy doing. This can be the beginning of a compatible social life. This allows you to have shared moments that will create a beautiful memory album together.

Accept Your Partner as They Are

We have our flaws and imperfections and also have different personalities. Not every inch of your partner will make you fall in love with them. With these in mind, keep your expectations minimal. Raising the bar too high thins your partner’s chances of reaching it. Allow your partner to be who they are naturally, without the intention of changing them. The only thing you ought to seek is inspiring them to become better people.

Seeking to work out problems that are serious in your relationship is important for compatibility. One thing about compatibility, it does not occur in clumsy relationships. The right cleanup is solving all possible misunderstandings your relationship may encounter. Ensure you are making the best out of your character, staying positive to truly love your partner.

Life Path Number Compatibility Table

Your Life Path NumberVery Good CompatibilityOK CompatibilityCould go either wayChallenging combination
13 , 52 , 61 , 7 , 94 , 8
22 , 4 , 81 , 3 , 675 , 9
31 , 52 , 3 , 6 , 94 , 7 , 8
42 , 86 , 73 , 41 , 5 , 9
51 , 3 , 7562 , 4 , 8 , 9
66 , 91 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 85 , 7
75 , 741 , 2 , 6 , 3 , 98
82 , 4 , 8631 , 5 , 7 , 9
96 , 931 , 72 , 4 , 5 , 8
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