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What Is Numerology

In the realm of numerology, it is said that that you can learn a lot about your environment by keenly observing numerical patterns in your daily life. What’s more, this notion can help you deeply understand your inner world, as well.

There exists a simple equation that can help you find out your life path number- a one-digit number that could reveal the real you, your future obstacles, and deepest values. Get Your Free Reading Today

The Origins of Numerology

At the core of numerology, there is a notion that numbers are a global language. If some numbers are calculated, such as birthdates, names, you may get a vivid image of yourself, others and the environment.

Even though this approach has been used in a couple of civilizations for centuries, no one has a clue about the origins of numerology.  However, numerological beliefs and systems from early civilizations have been discovered in writings.

Types of Numerology

Gematria Numerology

Gematria is a type of numerology hailing from Jewish mysticism. In this form, each Hebrew letter carries a numerical value. The value of words was determined by these numbers. Scholars determined the value of words by leveraging the equivalence between letters and numbers and drew parallels between scripture passages to determine connections between crucial concepts. Get Your FREE reading and Chart Today only

Pythagorean Numerology

This form of numerology is also referred to as Western numerology. it is attributed to the great Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras, who created the theory of numbers to be able to understand the world. Each letter of the alphabet was then given its numeric value. Today, this is the most practiced, type of numerology- the letter and number values rest on a table of nine numerical values.

Chaldean Numerology

This is an older version of numerology and was created by Chaldeans. It sports eight numerals and some double numerals. It is quite complex and nerve-wracking to master. But on the other hand, it is more accurate than Pythagorean numerology. like other forms, this one also assigns numerical values to vowels.

Understanding How Numerology Works

Numerology is quite complex and normally demands the skill of a master numerologist to provide accurate and detailed readings. However, you can easily find factors such as your personality, express, soul urge numbers, and path number by conducting basic calculations. The trick is knowing how to interpret these numbers properly.

The concept behind numerology is that human life and cosmos are greatly impacted by birth name, birth date and external factors that surround an individual. As such, there are great insights that a numerology expert can provide. It is said there is nothing like coincidence in the world, and that your birth date and name impacts your life’s journey and your personality.

What a Numerology Reading Involves

A lot of mathematics goes into numerology reading, and most of these calculations come in different layers with varying combinations of numbers possessing different meanings. A simple reading of your core number, for instance, can provide a lot of in-depth insights about you. Just as numbers are infinite, so is the numerology chart of a person- it can be read from different angles as a continuous project.

Numerology Life Path Number: What is It?

The life path number of an individual is the most crucial. It detects your life path. On the same nerve, it is a representation of your traits and personality. What’s more, a life path number stipulates challenges or opportunities you may stumble upon, and any lesson you could learn as you live.

Different life path numbers have different meanings. To calculate path number, all the digits in the full date of birth are summed up. For instance, October 2nd, 1991 would be 2+10=12. Then 1991 is calculated as 1+9+9+1=20. Then add 2+0= 2

This works the same way as double-digit numbers, where you are supposed to add together until you get a 1-digit number. For instance, 19 gives 1+9=10. Then, to find life path number, you add 3+8=11

Once you have determined the life path number, you can read what it says concerning your life. You will be surprised about how accurate the general characteristics of your life can be.

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Your Expression Number

The expression number is also called the destiny number. This element of numerology reveals more about your personal goals, desires, and ability. It could reveal to you any inherent characteristics that you may have.

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Calculating your expression number

Firstly, your full birth name is converted to numbers through the Pythagorean chart. The numbers are then summed up and then broken down into one digit. The master numbers are your destiny numbers and cannot be broken down further. Use our Numerology Calculator to find your numbers.

The remaining expression number has a unique meaning and works in liaisons with other primary numbers to create an image of who you are as an individual in the universe.

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