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Numerology Life Path

Numerology Life Path

For those who are not in the know, numerology is the study of the relationship between numbers, birth dates, and names. People have been practicing numerology for centuries. Its most popular form of discipline is the Pythagorean number system.

In a numerology chart, perhaps the most crucial element is the Life Path Number and is extracted from an individual’s date of birth. The path number will reveal a lot about you include your future opportunities and challenges. What’s more, life path number will show you key lessons that you live to learn. Eventually, it’ll help you know your skills and abilities, as well as negative aspects you must control to find balance.

An Example on How to Calculate Life Path Numerology

Use our life path number calculator to calculate yours.

For instance, if your date of birth was on the 6th of April 1984, the date and month are 6 and 4. As for the year, add 1+9+8+4, which equals to 22. 22 is a master number, so we don’t reduce it.

At this juncture, you have 3 numbers- for the date, month and year, which is 6, 4, and 22. You will sum up the three numbers until you remain with a single-digit number. So, 6+4+22 will be 32, then 3+2 will be 5, which would be your Life Path Number.

Life Path Numbers Explained

Life Path Number 1: All You

Life path number 1 are leaders and love attention and spotlight. They are determined and have the drive, and won’t let anything or anyone block their thirst to commit their goal. This makes it easy for things to manifest to them. However, they ought to guard against aggressiveness and overzealous behavior. They often get stressed by their driven nature.

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Life Path Number 2: The Peacemaker

These individuals are highly perceptive, sensitive, and naturally intuitive. They look for peace and harmony in others. They are also thoughtful and considerate of others. They are supportive and loyal as well. They would do all they can to shy away from confrontation. Sadly, they rarely share their thoughts and feelings.

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Life Path Number 3: The Best Communicator

These people are full of expressive energy and are impeccable communicators. They are also gifted singers, writers, performers, actors, and broadcasters. They also positively see the world.

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Life Path Number 4: The Organized and Hard worker

This group of people is known as “worker bees” because they like to work. What’s more, they are methodical, systematic, and organized, plus the word “give up” is never in their dictionary. They are loyal to the people they love and workers.

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Life Path Number 5: The Motivator

Those who fall in this group like freedom. They like to travel; they are curious and always want to experience what life has to offer. They are utterly convincing, something that can make them better sales and advertising professionals. On the downside, they are extremely sensual, and they can overindulge in sex and food.

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Life Path Number 6: The Nurturers

These are the kind of individuals who focus on family and home. They are loving, caring, compassionate, good caregivers, and nurturing. Interestingly, they can help and enable others while being there for themselves. They are also great parents, providing loving and safe homes.

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Life Path Number 7: The Truth Seeker

The truth speaker has a strong spiritual side. They like to solve life mysteries and are attracted to the unknown. They are also analytical with smart brains.

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Life Path Number 8: The Financially Stable

If you are a number eight then you must love material things. You also have gifted business acumen. These individuals attract financial wealth effortlessly. However, they must be cautious not to be greedy or material world control their lives.

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Life Path Number 9: The Humanitarian

Number 9s are natural caregivers and born leaders. They find joy in taking care of other people. These individuals have a strong social presence and consciousness. As such, they could make great judges, politicians, lawyers, healers, teachers, and ministers.

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Life Path Number 11: The Intuitive

These group is focused on spiritual evolution and possess a good grasp of metaphysical matters. Furthermore, these people have psychic powers and respond quickly to emotional currents from other people. These abilities can be too much at times, and even end up manifesting as phobia and fears, making them moody, nervous, and indecisive.

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Life Path Number 22: The Most Powerful of Them All

Power is the perfect word that describes the 22s. This group of people has the power to manifest great things. 22s need a lot of evolution and are a major work indeed. They can understand and bring together many people. They are impeccable business persons.

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Life Path Number 33: The Most Unique Lot

It is hard to find a 33, but they are there and they are known as the “Master Teacher”. These people have a great course, they do not focus on their ambitions or personal goals. They possess an extreme energy signature. They are also dedicated leaders.

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