Expression Number 5: Your True Definition

Expression Number 5: Your True Definition

Numerology Expression Number 5: Your True Definition

Unknown to most people, numerology expression numbers have a big influence on our lives. Numerology entails using mathematical equations to discover all your best skills and reveal any potential challenges. The latter can be both spiritual and emotional while in some instances you may just discover a hidden talent.

The discovery of how to determine all the expression numbers was the work of the Greek Philosopher, Pythagoras. Since its discovery, Numerologists have been able to refine and interpret the numbers for the greater good over the years.

The Importance Of Expression Numbers

Basically, an expression number is among the most significant in your numerology chart. The letters in your full name at the time of birth can be used to identify your shortcomings, abilities or talents. Your name shapes your being and becomes a representation of yourself as at the time of your birth.

Figuring out your expression number is as easy as matching the letters of your full name to the corresponding numerical value on the expression number chart 1 to 9. Once identified, the numbers representing the letters in your first, middle and last names are added together then the total of all each is summed up to reveal your expression number.

The last number that is revealed could be the final number only if it is a single-digit number. If it ends up a double-digit, further addition of the two numbers is recommended to reveal the final number. Should the outcome be anything like 11, 22 or 33, it should be left as it is since these three are the Master Numbers of the expression numbers.

In this article, we take an in-depth look at the expression number 5.

Qualities Of Expression Number 5 

The number 5 is dynamic. They portray a mix of masculine and feminine qualities although the latter is more pronounced.

Independence, freedom, contagious enthusiasm, and exploring the pleasures of life are all under number 5. You make the best company because you are interesting and outgoing. You are gifted with the ability to understand people without judging them but you can also manipulate other people in equal measure. Your ability to easily adapt to places makes you very mobile and adventurous, fuelling your unending desire to live in the moment. So being confined or limited makes you uneasy and restless.

Number 5s tend to be innovative and think on their feet. Although they fear repetitiveness and get bored fast, career-wise they make the best lawyers, tour guides, marketers, writers, and journalists because they have a way with words. However, most of them thrive in careers that require lots of travel as it complements their inability to stay put.

Number 5s bear striking physical qualities. Tall, charming, good looking all crowned with a compelling charisma make them very attractive to the opposite sex. These social creatures get along well with most people and the result is an endless string of friends and acquaintances.

Financially they are reckless and often make bad financial decisions. Also, because of their bubbly nature, getting a number 5 to focus is challenging, a task made worse with their unpredictable mood. These traits cause instability in your relationships despite the fact that you are surprisingly loyal, loving and passionate.

The other downside of number 5 is the inability to resist the weaknesses of the flesh like drugs and casual sexual encounters. Highly irresponsible with regular thoughtless acts, the desire for instant gratification and a sense of invulnerability clouds their judgments.

In conclusion, in order to master your skills and ability to achieve your aim in life, you should get yourself together, dedicate time to develop yourself and stay focused.

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