This site runs under German law, which has the strongest GDPR implementation.

I love privacy too and won’t do any shit. But I don’t like fluffy and complicated legal pages, so I keep this simple and brief.

TLDR; aka Summary

  • GDPR considers your IP Address as personal data but without it the internet will not work. However, we do not track and try to minimize third-party tools.
  • The site is hosted on Netlify, a USA-based company.
  • The site does collect Marketing Analytics for improving the site offer.
  • The Marketing Analytics is a self-hosted Matomo instance hosted with euroVPS in the EU.
  • We use affiliate programs from Clickbank and Amazon US to earn a small comission if you purchase through our links. Those providers don’t see you unless you click on a affiliate link and go to the other site and might buy something from them.

Longer Version

Responsible Entity

Jens Boje
Pfungststr. 3
60314 Frankfurt, Germany
Link to Imprint Impressum:

Types of Personal Data

  • Inventory data (e.g., names, addresses).
  • Contact details (e.g., email, telephone numbers).
  • Content data (e.g., text input, photographs, videos).
  • Usage data (e.g. websites visited, interest in content, access times).
  • Meta / communication data (e.g., device information, IP addresses).

Purpose of Processing

  • Provision of the online offer, its functions and content.
  • Answering contact inquiries and communicating with users.
  • Safety measures.
  • Reach measurement / marketing

Log files, Hosting, etc

This website is hosted on Netlify. Netlify collects your IP address, the requested pages and other meta data your browser send with each request and a timestamp in log files for analytics, security preventions and legal requirements.

Netlify: Netlify, Inc, 25 3rd Street, Suite 215, San Francisco, 94107 CA, USA


Marketing Analytics

I use a self-hosted Matomo instance on euroVPS for marketing analytics purposes to improve the service offering of my website. The instance runs in privacy mode with IP anonymization turned on, that means I do not know your IP address in the analytics anymore. There is no chance to see what you as an individual person did.

Hosted at:

euroVPS: Euclid Services Ltd. 3 Photiou Street River Court, Block B 6th Floor, Office 35 1095, Nicosia Cyprus


I love choco cookies. I am a cookie monster but I don’t like the tracking ones too.

The site uses cookies for marketing analytics in Matomo with anonymizing turn on, to see how often visitors return to my site and to improve the offer. Other than that only functional cookies are set in the apps when required.

Due to the way my payment providers are integrated they might track certain data like your ip address and set cookies to improve and debug their service offering. See payment provider sections for their privacy policies.

Affiliate programs don’t seet cookies unless you click on a link and visit the site. Then they store a cookie to track that any purchases you might make are coming from my site, so I get a smal comission.


You can contact me for questions, purchases and more via email or a contact form. Everything you share is temporarily stored to fulfill your request and answer you. No data is ever shared with third-parties or used for unethical purposes. Of course, I’ll improve my offers based on your responses to serve you better.

Affiliate Programs

I offer affiliate links and get a small commission when you visited the site and decide on your own to buy there. The affiliate program may track you for a period of time to count any purchases you do on their site to my account. As long as you are on my site, you are not tracked by them but once you leave.

Amazon US, Inc., P.O. Box 81226, Seattle, WA 98108-1226, USA



Click Sales Inc. , 1444 S. Entertainment Ave., Suite 410, Boise ID 83709 USA


Third-Party Tools

This site does embed the YouTube snippet to enabled playing YouTube videos on my site. We use the privacy embed version of YouTube that collects less data from you and does not set a cookie for tracking purposes.

YouTube: Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4 Irland