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How Passion Numbers Pinpoint Your Talents

How Passion Numbers Pinpoint Your Talents

How Passion Numbers Pinpoint Your Talents

A passion number is also known as the hidden passion number is part of the numerology chart. It is not a core number but it has its fair share of influence on your personality and life. If there is a number that is most repeated in your name that would be your passion number.

If you ever want to discover your hidden talents and find a way to nurture them, this is the way to go about it. You might have already discovered them as a passion or talent or you still probably don’t realize that a simple hobby is the one suppressing the full potential of your ability. Hidden passion numbers reveal specific strengths and abilities capable of shaping your life. They also reveal negative energy that presents you with an opportunity to correct or improve on thus leading you to achieve a fulfilling life.

It is possible that you are at a crossroads and you are not sure if you are doing anything right. Your hidden number can put your doubts to rest by confirming whether indeed you are doing what you are supposed to be doing, or it can identify what you need to do and provide a clear path to your life. This is one way to seek the right career or hobbies and fulfill your heart desires.Get Your Free Reading Today

Simple Way To Calculate You Passion Number


Using the chart above we can determine the passion number of John Doe for instance by matching the letters of his full name to the corresponding numbers.

John > 1, 6, 8 and 5

Doe > 4, 6 and 5

The result is **two **passion numbers 6 and 5 since it is possible to have more than one hidden passion number. However, none of the numbers has more digits than the other in the name. If there was a high frequency of number 6 than number 5 for example, then 6 would qualify as the ultimate Hidden Number of John Doe. Get Your Free Reading Today

The Meaning of Passion Numbers

Hidden Passion #1

Politicians, athletes identify with number 1. You love to stand out and your competitive prowess puts you ahead of others. Full of energy and ability to influence and dominate others, your desire for ambition clouds your judgment and exposes you to manipulation. Your good qualities outweigh the bad ones. See also

Hidden Passion #2

You bear certain qualities of an introvert like your dislike for noisy places and rowdiness. You would rather make peace and restore harmony for the sake of a peaceful and pleasant environment. Time management isn’t your strong suit as you spend it on trivial things but you sure are informed. Shyness and sensitivity make you hold back. See also

Hidden Passion #3

Unlike number 2 you thrive on exciting things. Entrainment, parties and social gatherings are your thing. Arts, music, acting are careers you can pursue. Your lifestyle is an inspiration to many but you get carried away with fantasies on your downtime. See also

Hidden Passion #4

The poster boy that both family and friends emulate and admire. You are very practical and realistic in life. Everything about your life is systematic and your self-discipline is admirable. Nature and beauty help you unwind. See also

Hidden Passion #5

Despite being resourceful and good with words, you can hardly focus on one thing and see it through to the end. Instead, you would rather seek the thrill of travel and overindulge to fulfill your impulsiveness. See also

Hidden Passion #6

Few people match your generosity and humanitarian nature. You tend to want to do too much for others to the extent of being misused and unappreciated. You make a good teacher, a healer or counselor but you should check your level of involvement in everything that you do. See also

Hidden Passion #7

Unlike number 2, trivial things waste your time and you’d rather focus on intellectual undertakings that challenge your ability. You are able to provide solutions to problems but criticize things you cannot prove. A lonely fellow with a self-centered attitude like you makes it hard to get along with. See also

Hidden Passion #8

Despite being goal-oriented, you are materialistic and tie rewards to money and material things. You make a good leader with good character judgment ability but you are like dominating and abusing others. See also

Hidden Passion #9

An artistic genius with an endless desire for universal knowledge. You thrive in isolation when working but sometimes you lack the drive. Otherwise, you are generous and welcoming even though you suppress your emotions See also

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