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Try Numerology Name for a New Born Baby

Are You Undecided About Baby Names? Try Numerology Name for a New Born Baby

Giving birth is a big deal but picking a suitable baby name is an even bigger deal. Name choosing is one of the major responsibilities of a parent in their journey to parenthood.

In a world where influence comes from celebrities, trends, peer pressure and a desire to fit in, choosing a baby name can be a headache. By the time you pick a name for your baby, you probably must have studied your family tree or looked up the meanings of certain names.

But you can avoid all that and simply rely on numerology to help you make the right choice if you have one or more potential names for your baby. Numerology can also assist you to change your baby’s name if you feel you made a mistake earlier or the name you chose first is not just befitting of your baby.

Imagine picking your baby’s name by ignoring all the traditional conventional considerations and only applying numerology to settle on an ideal name for your baby. Numerologists believe that each letter in a person’s name can be used to determine one’s destiny, personality, flaws and much more.

Understanding The Concept Of Numerology And Names

A numerology name for your baby simply ensures compatibility with your baby’s date of birth. This concept of the study of numbers dictates that a relationship exists between numbers and all objects under the sun.

Since names are made up of letters, you can use numerology to determine a great name for your baby. Your task is to choose a name that portrays desirable qualities by converting the letters in the name to numerical values associated with each letter.

Let us assume Shama is a potential name for your baby, we break it down into numbers by likening each letter in the name to a specific number. The rule of thumb is to follow the sequential order of the alphabet by equating each letter to a number.

The limit of numerology numbers is 9. For example, if you have letter J and beyond in your baby’s name, all the letters fall under the double-digit bracket. Each will be broken down further to attain single-digit numbers.

Letter J falls under number 10 which means that you add the two numbers making 10 (1+0=1) to get the single-digit number that falls within the numerology numbers 1 to 9. In cases where the final number adds up to 11, 22 or 33, no further addition is necessary as these are the Master Numbers.

So Shama would be 1+8+1+4+1=15, further addition of 1+5 would give us the unique baby’s number of 6. Remember to specify the full name of the baby when determining this number.

Similarly, with the date of birth, you can achieve the same result by adding up the numbers that make up the date of birth.

The Importance of Numerology Numbers

Every parent wants the best for their baby, and there’s no better starting point than naming the baby appropriately. Any combination of individual names that you give to your baby reveals a unique number that reflects on your baby’s character, personality, ability and the like.

Out of these numbers, some stand out from the rest as indicated below.

Destiny Number – Getting this number involves using your first name and your surname. Your character and ambition come out with possible ways to achieve them and avoid pitfalls in the process.

Personality Number – Consonants in your name produce this number to reveal your true self and how other people view you.

Soul Number – To determine your innermost secrets and your heart desire, this number can be calculated by using the vowels of your first name and your surname. The number is a representation of your inner strength.

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