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What the Numbers Mean In Your Life

Numerology Basics and What the Numbers Mean In Our Life

In ancient times, the use of numbers helped empires and secret societies to better understand the world around them and even discover themselves. The use of numerology over thousands of years back was widespread covering Greek, Egypt, China, Mayans, and Masons.

In modern times, you can adopt the use of numerology numbers to make sound decisions about everything in your life. Just like the ancient societies or nations used numerology, we can do the same to manage our fears, challenges, and talents, overcome obstacles or discover ways to better our lives.

Humans possess certain traits and habits believed to originate from their names and date of birth. Since everything vibrates at a certain frequency, you can discover a person’s qualities and energies by matching an associated number with a person’s vibration rate.

If you are keen on determining the path of your life, numerology basics can help you to figure that out by using your date of birth or your name. Life path, which is the most important number, is a single-digit number determined from a simple equation to reveal the possible path your life could take.

How to Compute and Reveal Meaning in Numerology Numbers

The approach to determining your life path using your date of birth is as below:

Step 1 - Add your birth month digits together.

Step 2 - Add your birth day digits together. If the outcome is more than 9, sum up the digits of your answer.

Step 3 - Add your birth year digits together.

Total the sum of the above steps. Again if the outcome is more than 9, sum up the digits of your answer.

You can also use your birth name to determine your personality number. By giving the letters in your name numerical value you can compute your personality number and interpret the specific meaning behind the outcome to reveal the true meaning in your life. This outcome could be a Master number or a Personality number.

The answers provided by numerical numbers merely enlighten us to better understand our true selves and figure out how to improve our lives.

  1. Leader – independence, courage, and originality are the visible traits. Impatience, stubbornness and a self-centered attitude are the negative traits here.
  2. Peacemaker – diplomacy, harmony, and patience top your list. Negative traits could be passive aggressiveness or discomfort in certain situations.
  3. Social – humorous, outgoing and creative. Very likable people but the downside is they tend to be extravagant and superficial.
  4. Worker – practical attitude and visionary. However, stubborn characteristics tend to surface.
  5. Free spirit – this is an adaptable, fun-loving character with an explorer attitude. Chances are that you are non-committal and irresponsible.
  6. Dependable – love, stability and attachment rank top of your good traits. Your jealous and possessive nature could be your weakness.
  7. Introverted – you are a loner and your ability to overcome tough times and retreat in solace could make it difficult to understand you.
  8. Manager – your organizational ability, ambition and success traits could see you attract great wealth. These traits could, however, cloud your judgment and you become materialistic and view everything a business deal.
  9. Teacher – your humanitarian nature and desire for control exposes your restless nature and emotional decision making.

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The Master Numbers of Numerology

Master Numbers are 11, 22 and 33. They should not be changed if the outcome of a life path summation exceeds 9. As they are different from the rest, proper interpretation is key. Individuals with these specific outcomes often possess rare abilities like intense empathy, amazing imaginations or the ability to impart wisdom.

Every outcome is different and bears a deep meaning for every person that can calculate their life path and personality numbers correctly. Whether positive or negative, the answer you get is normally a near-perfect interpretation of your life.

Numerology is proof that everything in the universe can be broken down into a mathematical equation.

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