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Numerology House Number 2

If you have heard or read about numerology before, then you are probably familiar with the work of the Greek Philosopher, Pythagoras. His work on numerology centered on figuring out and breaking down elements to explain their meaning by using single-digit numbers. The result of which is the impact then numbers have in our lives.

But what is more intriguing about numerology is the fact that even lifeless objects like buildings have innate characteristics and personality! Despite this being an ancient practice, its application is still quite relevant to date and you can use it to discover your house number and thus its meaning.

How To Determine Your House Number

The thought of determining your house number and revealing the meaning behind it provides you with a fresh and different view of your house. The first step is to determine your unique house number. You can use the most obvious sign which is your street address number. Other options like apartment unit numbers or court numbers can be considered if the street numbers are unavailable.

For example:

If your street address is 110 Kippax Street, add up the three numbers i.e. 1+1+0=2. This means your unique house number is 2.

If you live within a court in an apartment block and your unit number is Apartment #45, add up the two numbers i.e. 4+5=9. This means your unique house number is 9.

If your street address, court or apartment identity has both letters and numbers i.e. 110K or 45A, use the numeric equivalent of K or A to simplify the addition and attain your house number. So for letter K, the numeric equivalent would be 2 while for A would be 1. So you will end with 1+1+0+2=4 for the street and 4+5+1=10 for the unit that you live in.

Suppose your answer adds up to a double-digit like in the case above, add the two numbers again i.e. 1+0=1, to get a single-digit number. Do this sequential addition only if the number is not 11, 22 or 33 all of which happens to be Master Numbers.

Living in the Right Property Numerology NumberĀ 

Often when you move into a new house, you give less thought to what luck or ill the house bears, much like when you are going about your daily tasks oblivious of what extraordinary things that might happen. However, knowing your numbers might have a little influence on just about anything in your life.

So suppose your numerology house number is 2 and you figure this out before or after moving into the house, it is important to know what this means and how it influences your life and stay in that house.

House Number 2:

We all want a cozy home where everyone feels welcome and loved. This home oozes with great feelings and the expression of affection and love is felt all over. Avoid this house if you are single, but if you have a romantic partner or a young family, this is the house number for you. And you can top it up with decorations and family pictures for a bright surrounding.

The downside to this house is that this house might cause isolation from outside because you only want to be around people that you love. So you might end up being overwhelmed with the over sensitivity and expression of affection. The need for constant attention and validation makes you question the balance of give and take.

The best way to find a balance and seek harmony within this house is to manage the energy by communicating openly and establishing healthy boundaries. Make time for self-reflection or some me-time.

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