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Life Path Compatibility 2 and 7 (EVERYTHING you need)

Life path compatibility between 2 and 7 can be attained or not. This is a 50/50 situation. It isn’t easy dealing with a perfectionist. Life path 7 will also portray a skepticism character and may find themselves laughing at the most awkward moments. This is contrary to life path 2, which seems to own other people’s problems.

There are certain factors that will lead to failure in compatibility between life paths 2 and 7. However, you can still make it work. Despite their differences, they hope they can find the perfect angle and point to interlock. If 7 is given the right responsibilities to be the leader in spiritual matters, and the number 2 is allowed to take charge of bringing balance, the relationship will work. They can work through the various relationships that include; work, friendship and love relationships.

Edward is a university student who has had a roommate since the first year he joined. They both reported on the same day and could not help but find roommates in each other. Edward is a life path 7 and has found his roommate intelligent, socially and emotionally. He has managed to relate with other students well and has gained popularity. Edward has been learning a lot from him. They have become compatible and inseparable.

Eunice 7 met Harry 2, in an awkward situation, crying in the railway station. He could not help but gain interest in why she was crying. She had just received news of the demise of her kin. This made her lose control of her emotions. He turned out to be of great help to her to calm down. They started a long term friendship which has grown into an intimate relationship. They have learnt some secrets of compatibility, and below are just some examples.

Learn Communication Skills

One way that can build or destroy a relationship is bad communication. People get this term wrongly, assuming it refers to talking without listening. Communication is two ways, and you have to talk and let others talk too. This is a relationship and compatibility building tool that is normally underutilized.

It is not a sign of weakness if someone pours out feelings of disappointment or hurt while in a relationship. It implies that they have the relationship at heart and never want to let it go. Additionally, it is a sign of bravery, seeing that they are not afraid of being judged or condemned.

Communication should not be the cause of an argument. Rather, it is a platform where both can discuss how to get a few issues achieved. Both should accept that they are liable for the breakout. Otherwise, the relationship is doomed. When working towards compatibility, conduct civilised communication.

Be a Partaker in Their Hobbies

Everyone has their interests and hobbies. They define part of our personalities according to the activities involved. You can participate in your partner’s hobbies, not to mean they are better than yours, but as a way to know them better. Invite your partner to take part in your fun activities and have fun. When companies set their employees to team building activities, they help to refresh their energy. Such activities will boost compatibility levels.

In this process, try to discover mutual activity. This is a sign of compatibility if you can find a unifying factor in both parties. Such fun activities will strengthen every available bond.

Most couples assume they are on track and heading towards compatibility. It is important to be sure that your thoughts and feelings are similar to your partner’s. We know that you are attaining compatibility if:

You Are Practicing Open Boundaries

Boundaries are important and portray a healthy relationship. At times you need personal space, and your partner should read it. They should also be able to identify when you are in a mourning mood and give you the necessary space. If they are unsure how you feel, asking what you need offers optimum respect. When you start respecting differences, it is a sign of compatibility. It is difficult and sounds unrealistic when your partner respects aspects you are not open to negotiating.

Aligned Core Values

When you are having a conversation about spirituality, family, and other growth aspects, you are becoming compatible. Both long term and short term goals will start getting aligned as compatibility continues to enroot. It does not work like a plain white sheet of paper; you can expect a few hitches. Most couples will not agree easily on where to settle, either in the suburbs or the city. The bottom line should have more unifying solutions that come automatically.

You Are a Priority

Despite your partner having a busy schedule, if you remain to be their priority, it means you are getting compatible. Most couples hardly find time to spend with each other because they fight more than laugh. If your partner still has writes you a sweet message during the day, or makes the break time call to ask you what you are wearing, directs to compatibility. If they value your opinion and you are the first person to ask, it is time you knew you were getting compatible.

Keep Conflicts and Arguments Healthy

No matter how compatible you get, you will never cease to have conflicts. This is a show of a healthy relationship. This means it is normal to have conflicts and arguments. What matters is how they are handled. Two people who choose to handle arguments maturely show signs of compatibility. Such a couple will also have plain, open, and mature communication. When communication is done without condemnation or judgement, it shows you are on track to compatibility.

For such a couple, they are dedicated to keeping communication intact. They will not argue over the same issue almost every day. This kind of couple consists of key players who are mature and willing to pursue compatibility.

Couples who have outgrown normal everyday arguments, insecurities and unaligned values are headed for disaster. Multiple tips and secrets are applicable to facilitate compatibility. Choose your relationship by making the sacrifices it takes to attain compatibility.

Life Path Number Compatibility Table

Your Life Path Number Very Good Compatibility OK Compatibility Could go either way Challenging combination
1 3 , 5 2 , 6 1 , 7 , 9 4 , 8
2 2 , 4 , 8 1 , 3 , 6 7 5 , 9
3 1 , 5 2 , 3 , 6 , 9 4 , 7 , 8
4 2 , 8 6 , 7 3 , 4 1 , 5 , 9
5 1 , 3 , 7 5 6 2 , 4 , 8 , 9
6 6 , 9 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 8 5 , 7
7 5 , 7 4 1 , 2 , 6 , 3 , 9 8
8 2 , 4 , 8 6 3 1 , 5 , 7 , 9
9 6 , 9 3 1 , 7 2 , 4 , 5 , 8
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