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Life Path Compatibility 8 and 8 (the TRUTH)

This is one of the best matches as they make a good match. Once they attain compatibility, they form a relationship that is coveted. This life path is known for the plenty and surplus they are associated with. For this reason, they will thrive in all they do. They are very generous from their plentiful surplus. Once they cultivate love, they are likely to get plenty of surpluses, and in the same measure, they will offer.

It is important for this duet to pursue compatibility even if they seem likely. This is because they have differences in their characters that may clash. This is in case they clash on leadership since they are both leaders. The compatibility will help resolve which leadership areas each individual is good at. Competition may also be noticed when venturing into business if the two do not start by distinguishing the boundaries.

Lisa is a young widow who comments on the compatibility journey they took in her previous relationship. she states how important it is for them to be compatible, despite science’s prediction. They had a few challenges getting compatible as she was not patient. She learned a few virtues that would later persuade her husband to get compatible. As she gets psychologically prepared to move on, she is determined to start exercising compatibility immediately after the meeting.

Chris and Martin are business partners who met as they were chasing after employment. They decided to exchange contacts and figured they would be better off starting their business. Neither of them could agree, and they started to roll out their business plan. They are now running a fleet of businesses since they have acquired compatibility as their first and greatest asset.

Secrets can lead to the pursuit of compatibility. Some signs will show if a relationship is gaining compatibility or not. Determine it for yourself, with the following signs:

You Know Secrets About Your Partner

One early sign that indicates you are becoming compatible is when you know secrets about your partner. It could be something they never talked about, like an embarrassing moment. They should also know yours from your lengthy talk about your past. This will indicate that you are compatible by confiding in each other. This will indicate that you are also spending enough time together. You cannot share secrets if you are not comfortable with each other. This will also imply that you are getting cozy around each other within a short time.

Enjoy Similar Interests

Having a partner with whom you enjoy similarly the same hobbies is fulfilling. For instance, you are a good match when you both enjoy outdoor activities together. Alternatively, people who enjoy water sports can find good ground to settle for fun things to do. If you notice such a sign early in your relationship, you will not have difficulty getting compatible. This does not mean you will not get compatible if your hobbies are not alike. What it simply means is that you could give it a try, and you may like it.

Fighting With Each other

This sounds ironic yet true. A couple fighting displays early signs of compatibility. If a couple does not fight, they are afraid of each other. It also means they are seeking to please the other person. This is wrong as they will quickly burn out and stop. This will mean disappointment and short-lived happiness. This may affect the relationship and change how you feel about each other.

Have The Feeling Of Inspiration

There are a lot of character differences between you and your partner. This will include the good ones and the bad ones. A couple that does not influence each other may not be compatible any time soon. However, if you feel you need to change some of your characters, these are early signs of compatibility. This ought to be likewise your partner, as you should inspire them. It is important to get inspired by the right character from your partner, not the other way round.

Plan For Your Future

When you are newlyweds, it is easy to imagine that you will be together for the rest of your lives. A few years later, this may have changed, depending on your speed to get compatible. Couples who will discuss their future together show early signs of compatibility. If you have never spoken with your partner about this, you are far from becoming compatible. There are cases where one partner is interested in discussing the future while the other is not interested. This will only indicate low chances of compatibility. Please find out the problem, and correct it early for compatibility to have room.

Have A Special Attraction

Sexual attraction is important but not essential. It is important to be intimate with your partner with physical actions. There are signs that indicate you are either ashamed of them or proud to be with them in public. For instance, if your partner cannot hold your hand in public, this means they are not pleased to show you off, not unless they are shy. When together, they should not keep away from touching your face, arms, kissing, and other intimate indications. Another sign that shows you have a special attraction is when you cannot stay without texting or calling each other for a long time.

You Can Make Your Efforts

Making an effort to tell your partner that you love them is important despite the time you’ve been married. Such actions can be romantic and rarely done. When you offer to make a meal or a snack for your family, it shows care and concern. These are among the main attributes of compatibility. Hence, it shows that your relationship is getting compatible slowly but steadily.

Keeping a relationship as fresh as when you two met is not easy. It is a task that must be undertaken by individuals who wish to pursue compatibility. If you are to achieve compatibility, you must be driven by positivity and will.

Life Path Number Compatibility Table

Your Life Path NumberVery Good CompatibilityOK CompatibilityCould go either wayChallenging combination
13 , 52 , 61 , 7 , 94 , 8
22 , 4 , 81 , 3 , 675 , 9
31 , 52 , 3 , 6 , 94 , 7 , 8
42 , 86 , 73 , 41 , 5 , 9
51 , 3 , 7562 , 4 , 8 , 9
66 , 91 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 85 , 7
75 , 741 , 2 , 6 , 3 , 98
82 , 4 , 8631 , 5 , 7 , 9
96 , 931 , 72 , 4 , 5 , 8
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