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Life Path Compatibility 2 and 4 (the SECRETS)

Life path 2 and 4 brings out the best compatibility matches. This combination will work for various relationships, including; work, friendship and romantic relations. When the 2 and 4 life paths meet, they bring out the best in each other. Life path 4 does not hold back what they have to say, and it hits the nail on the head. Path 2 is not afraid to go against the grain when they live.

A thriving business is always coveted, like one owned by Laura. She is a life path 4 and married to Robin’s life and business partner. Laura started her business, which grew faster within a short period because of her nature to be friendly and funny to her customers. Later on, her husband joined the business after he lost his job as a construction manager.

True friendship endures a lot of things, one of them being personality differences like Alex and Fred’s case scenario. Since their teenage years, they have been friends after Fred, a life path 2, stood out for Alex, who was facing bullying at school. They were able to solidify their friendship within a very short time. Now they spend time planning their upcoming friendship anniversary.

There are multiple howling storms in every relationship that can be overcome through following the following secrets;

Keep Communication Plain and Open

People in a relationship should be open enough to one another to talk about anything. This helps to identify areas of weakness in your marriage, especially if one partner is unhappy. Open communication is not intended to spark a quarrel. When disappointed feelings are held back, it means they are afraid of being judged or afraid of the response they will receive. If your partner does not talk openly, it means you need to review your attitude and approach to certain issues.

Listening to Your Problems

It is difficult to have someone who can listen to you, and it is more difficult to feel they relate to your problem. There are many instances when you just need your partner to listen to you. It is wrong when someone in a relationship feels ignored. This leads the relationship to suffer; the partner’s input is automatically withdrawn. Listening shows concern, care and love for your partner. The best way to treat your partner is to allow them to speak their minds without interruption. You are working on getting to the bottom of all issues.

How Do You Resolve Arguments

If an argument is not resolved, the remaining roots will grow within a short time. Arguments are common in every relationship. Many couples argue many times, but the bottom line lies in how the argument ends. Some arguments end dangerously in days of silence, which is a slow killer of intimacy in any relationship. Ignoring and ending an argument prematurely is not a solution. We cannot also force our partners to see everything from our points of view. Staying calm and understanding that everyone has their points of view is important. This helps to resolve arguments.

Maintain Trust

Relationships whose trust has been tampered with lack strength and are feeble and easily broken. A healthy relationship has two people who trust each other in aspects of keeping secrets, absolute love for one another, submission and fidelity. Keeping promises will also contribute to building and keeping trust in a relationship. Once trust is broken, it takes a long time to build it, and at times it never gets to the original form. Please do not put yourself up to rebuild and restore trust; rather, maintain it that it never breaks.

Building Intimacy Mutually

There is a need for a couple to build and establish strong intimate bonds between them. This enhances a good relationship, no matter the hardships encountered. They have a strong connection that leads to emotional and physical attraction. Intimacy also includes talking about how to go about it, your expectations, limitations, how they feel, and likes and dislikes. If your partner is shy about talking about intimacy or is afraid of the results, there is stress, which causes the two not to attain the intimacy they desire.

Quality Time

When you spend quality time as a couple, it leads to accomplishing compatibility. Make sure the time you spend together is quality:

  • Come up with fun activities or topics to discuss.
  • Find a fun activity that interests both, like swimming, mountain climbing, and picnics, just to mention a few.
  • Discover fun activities you can do next time.
  • Make it fun to be alone and be reminded of your time during courtship.

This acts as a spark for compatibility and love rekindling for most people.

What About the Play

Being a grown-up and doing what grownups do can get boring. Getting out of the box with playful ideas is an aid for compatibility. Most couples discover common ground when they are thinking less about it. Quit being a grown-up and smear mud or splash water on your partner, just for fun.

Support Your Partner

Finding support for your partner is the greatest drive. Many lack the zeal to pursue multiple things in life because their partners started by inhibiting their dreams and ideas. For your relationship to grow, it is important for personal growth first. After all, if your partner grows, you benefit from it numerously.

Offer Your Partner Help

Most of the time, two people are meant to help each other with house chores and businesses. If your partner can help you, it is right for them to do it. However, you should not seek help or command it. It should be offered willingly and wholeheartedly. If you notice your partner struggling with a laundry basket, be quick to offer them help, it does more than meets the eye.

Anger is an element that will inhibit compatibility in a relationship. If anyone has anger management problems, they should seek the help of a professional. Forgive as many times as possible, and avoid referring to the instance.

Life Path Number Compatibility Table

Your Life Path Number Very Good Compatibility OK Compatibility Could go either way Challenging combination
1 3 , 5 2 , 6 1 , 7 , 9 4 , 8
2 2 , 4 , 8 1 , 3 , 6 7 5 , 9
3 1 , 5 2 , 3 , 6 , 9 4 , 7 , 8
4 2 , 8 6 , 7 3 , 4 1 , 5 , 9
5 1 , 3 , 7 5 6 2 , 4 , 8 , 9
6 6 , 9 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 8 5 , 7
7 5 , 7 4 1 , 2 , 6 , 3 , 9 8
8 2 , 4 , 8 6 3 1 , 5 , 7 , 9
9 6 , 9 3 1 , 7 2 , 4 , 5 , 8
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