Attitude Number - Sun Numbers Explained

Attitude Number - Sun Numbers Explained

Attitude Numbers (Aka Sun Numbers) – First Time Impressions Matter

The thing about first impressions is that you cannot take it back if it goes bad. You can never have a second chance to make another first-time impression.

Your demeanor, your dress code, your attitude, your table manners conduct, your interaction, your body language, you mention it, they all count. Would it help you to know what kind of impression you portray out there? I bet it would. A lot of people ride on first impressions to work in their favor, for example, at a job interview, first dates, meeting your partner’s family.

Next time you think about creating the best first-time impression; consider consulting your main advisor numerology because it always got your back.

Thanks to Numerologist Hans Decoz, numerology has a tool called your sun number, also known as your attitude number.

It helps us to know the likely perception of other people towards us the first time we meet them.

You only need to add together your date of birth and your birth month to reveal your attitude number. If the total of both turns out a double-digit, reduce it further down to a single digit.

For instance, a birth day of October 30th will have 4 as the attitude number.

Date: 30

Month: 10

3 + 0 + 1 + 0 = 4

Or use our sun / attitude number calculator.

The Definition Of Attitude/Sun Numbers

Attitude Number 1

Some people do not embrace change at all because they fear to adapt to change. Their comfort zone is their lifeline and they believe by not changing they keep it together. A number 1 is one such person. They appear to be self-sufficient and portraying the winner attitude but getting in their way will get you in trouble.

Attitude Number 2

Despite the ability to act instinctively, number 2s cross-check facts just to be sure their decisions are favorable. People feel drawn to them but because of their observant and sensitive nature, they question whether number 2s possess psychic or mystical abilities.

Attitude Number 3

The irony here is that number 3s are the problem solvers, providing lasting solutions to problems but their behavior is so childlike you’d wonder if they are mature enough to act like adults. But this works in their favor because they turn out to be charismatic, dynamic and social although mood swings make them unpredictable.

Attitude Number 4

A number 4 is a near-perfectionist with a keen eye on details. Immaculate organization and consistency are evident in their work and life. You are identified as a hardworking and reliable person. Surprises make you edgy and you do not like taking chances but this makes you come out as rigid.

Attitude Number 5

If you lack spontaneity in your life, number 5 is your missing link. The adrenaline rush keeps them on the go with unexpected and unplanned changes. They overindulge in vices. Luckily their joy and happiness are infectious but so is their desire to be the center of attention. A number 1 could do with their enthusiasm and attitude towards change.

Attitude Number 6

If you ever need a shoulder to lean on, you can count on a number 6. They are very emphatic, kind and accommodating. They manage people well and provide a safety net. People are easily drawn to them because they give off a positive vibe of a nurturer, the one who handles and oversee all emergencies.

Attitude Number 7

Number 7s have all the energy and motivation but it is all directed to their interest in things like philosophy and psychology. With such interests, they sure take time to think over questions. They are unpredictable and withdrawn, always observing things, analyzing and seeking knowledge beyond the comprehension of a normal person.

Attitude Number 8

This is the control freak. Their optimism and work ethic is admirable and they actually have good startup ideas that unfortunately do not mature. Sadly the number 8s are detached from reality. The confidence and ambition should amount to something especially when you have people looking up to you.

Sun Number 9

If a number 8 could team up with a number 9, the start-up ideas of number 8 could do with the valuable input of a number 9 on how to make a company flourish. They leave nothing to chance by making good use of their sophisticated minds. They like taking charge and believe in taking on a higher purpose to serve humanity at the expense of their own wellbeing.

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