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Expression Number 33 Explained

Expression number 33 is a master number that brings its own characteristics to the table in this journey we call life. It has a meaning, traits, jobs and careers where success can be found, relationship, marriage and love dynamics and compatibility numbers that determine its nature and habits in life. Read on to discover all about the number 33.

How to Determining Your Numerology Expression Number

Use our free online expression number calculator to determine your expression number and also learn the rules behind it.

Expression Number 33 Meaning

The number 33 represents creativity and serves as a message sent to us by a higher power to give people guidance. It has been referred to as the consciousness of Christ. It is also the number for Joseph when he married the virgin Mary. The number 33 also means family and harmony in the home. It is a high energy number that refers to doing good in the world.

Expression Number 33 Traits

Personality traits for number 33 people include: nurturing, devoted, spiritual, healing, inspiring and compulsive lying.

Number 33 people are nurturing to others around them. They make great parents and are often seen as mother and father figures for those who may not have this in their lives. They are able to bring about a softness and calm a situation down that may be difficult and challenging for others. Number 33 people do not like to argue or have confrontations. They are always seeking to solve a problem and bring people together.

Number 33 people are devoted to loved ones passionate projects and serving others in their community. They are passionate and will bring this trait to the table with every project. They are devoted to loved ones and are the most dependable people in your circle of family and friends. These personalities have a servant’s nature and are always willing to help others.

Number 33 people are spiritual by nature. They are not interested in show, but are genuinely interested in understanding the higher power who guides them in their daily lives. Spirituality to them does not mean quoting scriptures but living a good life that is pleasing to their higher power.

Number 33 people are interested in healing issues of the world. They have a positive energy by nature and are always looking to bring together a divided relationship or a group with different cultural views. They are the peacemakers of the world which draws others into their philosophy like a magnet.

Number 33 people are inspirational by nature. They are able to effectively communicate with others, motivate and inspire. They are often the most popular people in any group because when they speak, everyone else should be listening.

Number 33 people will compulsively lie to keep from hurting someone else’s feelings. While the intent is good, they are afraid to be honest and deal with the consequences. Their inability to tell the truth is a reflection of a weakness that must be overcome in order for them to be the best people possible.

Expression Number 33 Job/Careers

Number 33 people want to do good in the world. Careers like nurses, doctors, ministers, diplomats, social workers, are all great careers for number 33 people.

In addition to doing good, there is a spiritual element that is the foundation for number 33 people. These careers are concerned with creative self expression that can be exhibited in family life and harmony in their home.

Expression Number 33 Relationships, Marriage and Love

Number 33 people are some of the best partners to have in the world. They represent pure love between each other and humanity. They have been trusted by a higher power to exhibit their pure love to the world. These personalities bring a bright warm light to their relationships, marriage and love life.

Being in love with number 33 people is like taking your love to new heights. It is like going into the stratosphere of love. It is a lucky partner who gets to live with a number 33 personality for the rest of their lives.

However, as great a partner as they make, these personalities are prone to compulsive lying. They would rather lie to their partner, than hurt their feelings.

Expression Number 33 Compatibility

Master number 33 is compatible with many numbers. These include; Numbers 1, 3, 4, and master numbers 11 and 22.

Number 1 is a number that likes to express itself through strong leadership. It does not take a backseat to anyone. This makes for a match to the expressive number 33 who wants to keep harmony in the home.

Number 3 seeks good fortune which is compatible to number 33 who wants to do good for others. The single digit number 3 is comparable to its 33 master number.

Number 4 is a conscientious number that concentrates on long term security in relationships. This works well with number 33 people who are concentrated with family and harmony in their home.

Master number 11 people are concerned with spiritual awakening. This is a perfect match for the highly spiritual number 33.

Master number 22 symbolizes chaos and disorder which may lend well with the lying number 33.

Master number 33 is concerned with creative self expression, family and harmony in the home. It is seen as the consciousness of Christ and a guide by a higher power for us here on earth. It is also an age when Joseph married the virgin Mary.

Master number 33 is a high energy number for people who want to do good in the world. Many careers like ministers, nurses, doctors, missionaries, social workers and others who have an innate desire to help people get back on track and have a better quality of life allows success for the number 33 personality.

They are some of the best partners in the world and desire to have pure love with their mate. This means they will work hard and aspire to have the healthiest marriage possible. They are positive by nature and do not like to argue in relationships.

Master number 33 people are laid back and willing to do anything to keep peace and harmony in their home. However, they will compulsively lie to their partners to keep from hurting their feelings.

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