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Expression Number 4 Explained

Expression number 4 people have a different way of looking at life. They are often leaders in their chosen fields, yet lack the capacity to feel empathy for others. Read on to discover the meaning of number 4, traits, jobs and careers, how number 4 people relate to relationships, marriage and love and what numbers in which they have compatibility.

How to Determining Your Numerology Expression Number

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Expression Number 4 Meaning

Number 4 people represent the grounding energy of the universe and are stable and strong. They are organized, systematic and efficient in whatever they do. Number 4 people are methodical and require structure in order to succeed. They want everything organized and kept in its place. They are like the captain of a ship who wants to control its destiny.

Expression Number 4 Traits

Number 4 people exhibit traits of being forceful while quickly advancing in their chosen field. They have a higher intelligence than other numbers. They will confidently remain on task until the job is done. No matter how difficult the path may be in their lives, they remain steadfast and strong. These people are seen as driven in making their vision a reality. Number 4 people are also seen as being practical, trustworthy, dependable, love being at home and reserved.

Number 4 people only work with teams in their corporations if they can take the lead. They are not followers in any sense of the word. And while they bring a lot to the table, their selfishness can get in the way of optimal achievement. Number 4 may do better with working on projects alone or where they can be the boss and take charge.

People admire them for their stability and strength which makes them natural leaders. They will always manage to find themselves at the top of the heap when it comes to advancing in their jobs or careers.

Number 4 people have a pragmatic side that motivates them to consciously realize their goals and follow their path for achieving them step by step. They have a deep desire to be influential, gain financial success and realize their personal vision.

They are focused and disciplined and will not allow unnecessary distractions in their life. They are goal oriented and will not allow others foolish fancies to get in their way of achieving them. Living a successful life is the name of the game for number 4 people and they do not allow anything or anyone to deter them from achieving what they want in life.

Number 4 people are stable and steadfast in the face of a crisis and can be counted on to find a solution for the most complex problem. They are visionaries and often can be found with other visionaries when determining their pathway in life. They find it distasteful to hang around those who only want to live a mediocre life.

Number 4 people often achieve high levels of success because of their forcefulness and willingness to do whatever it takes to make it to the top They are hard workers and will go above and beyond what is needed to get the job done the right way.

Number 4 people require structure in their lives and love to be organized in everything they do. They can be seen as selfish, arrogant and materialistic because of their strong desire to win and succeed in life. They will easily be the first in a group to initiate a project and see it through to the end.

They are not social people and may be loners in the world. Finding friendships and developing relationships takes too much time for number 4 people.

Expression Number 4 Job/Careers

Number 4 people often relish high powered jobs like working on Wall Street. as an accountant bookkeeper, government official, manager, surgeons or being a lawyer. They can be attracted to the performing arts as well, but will definitely bring along their need for structure in the workplace.

These types of people can easily work in any field where calculation, arrangement, precise measurement and management are needed.

Expression Number 4 Relationships, Marriage and Love

Number 4 people are stubborn, short tempered and easily frustrated which makes them not the best partner in relationships, marriage and love. They will usually end up in divorce court because they are not mature enough and unwilling to handle the every day stressors that come with married life.

They are often seen as controlling, dominating and selfish in a relationship or marriage. They will not bend for another person’s wants and needs. They tend to dominate their partner and only want things done their way. It is pure trouble for their partner because of their poor attitude and negative energy in their relationship.

Their partner must conform to their needs. If the partner is not as strong as the number 4, they will be swallowed alive in a very mentally and emotionally abusive relationship.

Number 4 people come across as being cold and uncaring with their partners in relationships, marriage and love. They will not nurture their partner or adapt to an unstructured life.

Expression Number 4 Compatibility

As strong and uncaring as number 4 people seem to be, one would think that they are not compatible to any other expression number. However, number 4 is ruled by the planet Uranus while number 6 is ruled by the planet Venus and are believed to be compatible.

These are the characteristics and personality traits of expression number 4 people Trustworthy, dependable, intelligent, visionaries, stable, strong, natural leaders high tempered, easily frustrated in relationships are all character traits of number 4 people.

And while these are the positive attributes the negative energy and controlling, dominating demeanor makes it difficulty for others to get along with these types of people. They do not make good partners in relationships, love and marriage because of their inability to adapt and change for their partner.

Number 4 people want nothing else than to achieve their vision in life. And while they may bring a lot to the table with their strong work ethic, the price of working with their negative energy may be too great for one to bear.

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