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Expression Number 7 Explained

Expression number 7 has personality characteristics that distinguish it from other numbers.

The meaning of this number along with its traits, jobs and careers that offer success, relationships, marriage and love dynamics and numbers they are compatible with offer insight into how these types of people evolve in daily living.

Read on to discover more about the number 7.

How to Determining Your Numerology Expression Number

Use our free online expression number calculator to determine your expression number and also learn the rules behind it.

Expressional Number 7 Meaning

The meaning behind this number involves a search for deeper truths in life. They are often shy and curious people by nature but thoughtful. Number 7 people offer a deeper substance and wisdom than other numbers because they are always seeking to evolve into someone better.

They understand that life is not a destination, but an evolving journey that allows personal inner growth and an understanding of deeper truths . They are insightful, detail oriented and have an interesting personality that works well with most inner circle of friends.

Expression Number 7 Traits

Four of the most common traits of this number are having a strong intellect, being highly independent, always poised and stable in any situation and being more reserved than other numbers.

Number 7 people do not take things at face value. They are always looking for hidden truths to resolve an issue. They look at body language and what people are not saying before determining if they should believe them.

This type of personality has a high intellect that will opt to stay quiet when dealing with an issue or with people. They are silently observing and analyzing the nature of others behavior before sharing their opinion.

Number 7 people are the quiet types that may not be noticed in a room filled with people. They are highly independent and do not need other’s opinions when making an important decision in their life.

Number 7 people also admire the intelligence of others. While the saying opposites attract is common, this type of personality looks for others who will add value and substance to their lives. If you are trying to bring negative energy into the life of a number 7 personality, they will quickly reject anything that does not bond with their personality.

Handling difficult situations is a way of life for the number 7 personality. They work well alone or on a team but will only speak when they have a resolution or something substantive to say. Number 7 people seem to move through life’s trouble spots with ease. Making difficult decisions is natural way of life for them.

A number 7 personality can also be a little reserved or even a loner. Rather than going out to a night club, they would prefer a quiet evening at home watching television. They may be seen as arrogant by others because of their selective behavior and their need to be alone.

Number 7 people offer wisdom and a way to learn more about life. Although they do not speak a lot, when they do it is something that is important, relevant to what is going on in the world and a deeper truth that will help others grow.

They are seen as being deep in thought and are like sponges that absorb every piece of information or newsworthy issue they can. Number 7 people are great listeners and would prefer to hear what you have to say if it will help them grow internally.

Expression Number 7 Job/Careers

Number 7 people are most interested in careers that include: researchers, investigators, analysts, scholars, technicians, bankers, lawyers, watchmakers, philosophers, priests, administrators and theologians.

These careers require a higher intelligence level for success. They are analytical and observant of human behavior in order to bring about a resolution that will work well for their clients.

Expression Number 7 Relationships, Marriage and Love

Number 7 people are very romantic in relationships, marriage and love. They enjoy surprising their mates with vacations, gifts and flowers. They are appreciative of their partner and are always showing them affection. Number 7 people feel successful in their careers when their home life is working well.

This type of love and affection makes the partner of a number 7 personality a very lucky person. Placing their partner first in their lives is important for them. And it shows every time their eyes light up when their mate enters a room.

They are easily the envy of others as they pour on the romance. Number 7 people will often do unique excursions with their mate like hot air balloon rides, riding on a sailboat or yacht for the day or renting out an entire ballroom for the thrill of dancing with their partner. Anything to put a smile on their significant other’s face is important to number 7 people.

Expression Number 7 Compatibility

The number 7 signifies responsibility, invention, high intellect, culture and philosophy. It is compatible with many numbers that include: 1, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 9.

Number 1 is a dominant number that is also highly intelligent which works well with the high intellect of number 7. Intelligent people love to see intelligence in others. Number 3 offers good fortune to its partner which makes it a great match for number 7.

The number 4 is strong and stable offering a stable environment for the number 7 personality. Number 5 people have sharp and curious minds which matches well with the highly intelligent number 7.

Balance is a part of the meaning for number 8 which is exactly what the often quiet number 7 seeks in life. And the number 9 is generous and a humanist which can add meaning to the life of the sometimes loner number 7.

Number 7 people understand that they are constantly evolving in this journey we call life. They are often introverts, curious and thoughtful. They are silent observers who analyze others before sharing their opinion.

This type of personality is highly intelligent and admires the intelligence in others. They are often loners who would prefer staying home vs going out for an evening where many people will be around.

Number 7 people are compatible with numbers 1, 3, 4, 8 and 9. These numbers bring an extra level of support, balance, organization and guidance in helping to make them better.

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