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Expression Number 2 Explained

Number 2 is an expression that reflects the character traits, personality of a certain type of person. The essence of number 2 people distinguish them in the world. Read on to discover more about the number 2 and all that these people have to offer in the world.

How to Determining Your Numerology Expression Number

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Express Number 2 Meaning

Expression number 2 people are often more considerate and cautious with their lives. While they want to help others, their ability to be too cautious will often leave them doing less in life than they want.

Number 2 people are not risk takers and will often choose to take the road of least resistance.

While it may seem weak to be a number 2 personality, they carry an energy that helps them shine in the world. They are not materialistic, and prefer to have inner substance over buying things. Success for number 2 people means they ae able to live a purposeful life where others are being served. Once a number 2 discovers their confidence, they will gain more clarity as to the life they want to create for themselves.

Expression Number 2 Traits

Number 2 people are inspirational to others. They understand deeply the problems of others around them and will always be the first to bring comfort. They are very social people who believe that we are all interconnected in the world. They have an inner power that is like a magnet to others. They also have a positive energy that is never turned off in life.

Number 2 people play a servant role in life. They will always look to help others get back on track in life. The number 2 personality works well in a team environment, but not so well when working alone. They are very sensitive to the world and its problems and believe that we all must work together for everyone to succeed in life.

Number 2 are great people to have in your life because they will always show they care. They are also the people who remain professional no matter what is going on around them. However, number 2 personality traits often lack the confidence to actually get things done. It is a weakness that they must conquer in order to rise above to truly become world changers.

Number 2 people in their own way are leaders and can easily motivate others around them to live a better quality of life. However they are seen as soft and sometime even weak by others because of their kindness. They are often great speakers and will use their gift to serve a higher cause other than themselves. Number 2 traits have a sixth sense and are intuitively in tune with issues going on around them. They are usually the most unselfish people in the group and will put others concerns ahead of their own. Number 2 people have the best ideas about how to accomplish a task. However, others may take credit for what they have said. Injustice is always in the world and their only concern is creating a more just world.

Expression Number 2 Job/Careers

Number 2 jobs and careers would be better suited as an activist, minister, peacemaker, rescue center worker or diplomat. These careers are filled with people who inspire others and look to bring people together for a greater cause.

Helping people and inspiring others is the best choice of careers for number 2 people. Other careers they would succeed in are in healthcare, education, law, human services and protective services. Number 2 people feel rewarded when they are serving and inspiring others.

Expressions Number 2 Relationship, Marriage and Love

Number 2 are great people to have in a relationship, marriage or love because they are so caring with others. They are always looking for the positive in their relationship and will often support their partner no matter what they are going through.

However, their lack of confidence in getting things done will always be a sore spot in their lives. It is the weakest link in their chain. They are considerate but cautious about how their relationship will proceed in life. Expression number 2 people are often attracted to those who are more dominant than they are, which means their relationships can quickly go spiraling out of control with the more dominant personality always taking the lead.

Number 2 people can easily get themselves into trouble by choosing others who are looking to dominate them in their relationship, love or marriage. They may suffer with abusive relationships because they are often looking out for their more dominant partner. They place themselves on the back burner when it comes to taking care of their family. The will work hard to make sure that everyone else in the family has what they need before taking care of their own needs.

Expression Number 2 Compatibility

When it comes to compatibility, expression number 2 people work best with the numbers 9 and 11. Expression number 9 is often a humanitarian or someone concerned with giving back to others. Number 9 is the expression number of life. The number 9 is a generous in spirit, which is why it works so well with the caring number 2.

Number 11 is a double digit and master number that is concerned with healing and understanding a higher power. It carries the traits of numbers 1 and 2, which is why it has compatibility with the expression number 2.

Now that you know more about expression number 2, you can compare their traits and personality with your own. They are inspirational, caring and love helping others. They do well in careers that involve bringing people together like peacemakers, diplomats, ministers, health care workers, rescue workers or working in the protective services field.

A number 2 will always be the peacekeeper of the group and will look to take care of everyone else in an unselfish way. They are compatible with number 9 and master number 11 because of the traits they share.

However, while number 2 people desire to be world changers, they often lack the confidence to see things through to the end.

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