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Expression Number 1 Explained

The expression number one is a way to express your traits, personality and character in life. As a one you are someone who likes to do things first. You are a leader in many areas of life. There ae meanings, traits jobs and careers that will suit you better, ways of how you perform in marriage, romance and love and expression compatibility numbers that will compliment you based upon your character traits. There is a lot to discover about the expression number one.

How to Determining Your Numerology Expression Number

Use our free online expression number calculator to determine your expression number and also learn the rules behind it.

Expression Number 1 Meaning

One is a number that likes to express itself in a leadership or dominant role. One does not take the backseat in any circle, but chooses to be heard above everyone else. A one will always come out on top no matter the group in which they choose to participate.

Expression Number 1 Trait

The expression number one has several dominant traits that should not be ignored by another person. They include: independence, passion, honesty, driven and great leadership. One represents a person who is great with decision making.

A one personality is often concerned with self. They have a big ego and always think they are smarter than others.


One is a person who is highly independent. They are more than capable of starting and completing a goal or task, no matter how large it may be. Independence comes with understanding your own self worth and your strengths to make it happen. Independence may be intimidating for other numbers, but it is natural and common for the one personality.


One brings a passion to the table like no other number. A one personality can work for hours on a project because of his/her passion for the project. A one is so passionate that it does not feel like a job or a chore but a part of the essence of a project that must be brought out to reveal its ultimate potential.


One is an honest person who will always say what he/she means. You will never have to guess what a one is feeling or thinking. The one always makes sure that you understand how they feel and what they expect from you on every project. The honesty that a one gives makes him/her inspiring and motivational for other numbers, which is why a one often ends up as the leader of the pack.


A one is driven right from the beginning of building or creating any project, goal or vision in life.. While other numbers want to work hard in their life, a one personality is more driven than most. This leads to more success and more goals in life. You can never outwork a one because of the strong and driven character traits that are the very essence of who the one is in mind, soul and body.


One is the ultimate leader for any group. A one personality exhibits all of the traits of a successful leader. He/she is created for leadership and will work hard to get any project over the finish line. A one loves large and creative projects that are big and bold. The leadership skills of a one sticks out among others. It quickly becomes obvious that the one personality must be the chosen leader for every project.

Expression Number 1 Job/Careers

A number one personality denotes the skilled executive with keen administrative abilities. These are jobs where you must develop the capacity to be a fine leader, sales executive or a promoter.

A one personality has the tools to become an original person with a creative approach to problem solving, and a penchant for initiating action.

Expression Number 1 Relationship, Marriage and Love

When it comes to the one, you are a leader and often want to lead your partner in the relationship, marriage and love. Your overwhelming power to be number 1 in life will sometimes offset your partner within your relationship.

You can be aggressive and have a strong energy when it comes to engaging in your relationship, marriage and love. Your partner may find you to be disloyal because of the importance you place on independent goals in your life.

However, you make a solid partner when it comes to building up and supporting your partner because of how much you bring to the table. A one is also a person who can fall in love at first sight of his/her soon to be partner.

Expression Number 1 Compatibility

A number one is a good match for others because they are driven and heroic. They can care for you which is what is expected in a relationship. A number two is guided by their heart and not their mind, which makes them a great match for a number one. Also, numbers 8 and 9 are great compatible partners for the number one personality.

Expression number one offers many tools and resources in life for careers, love and marriage and other areas of life. One is a born leader who seeks to act first on any project you may want to build. A one has great decision making abilities along with a need to be the leader of the pack.

He/she is highly independent, honest, driven and passionate about any project, goal or vision they pursue in life. A one works hard to be the best at anything they attempt. The one does not take a backseat to anyone or anything and loves to be at the center on everything. When the one makes up his/her mind to do something, then consider it done.

The one has a dominance and fortitude like no other number and considers it an honorable challenge to make it happen for any occasion.

Now that you know more about the expression of the number one, check your personality and character traits to see if you fit. This will give you a reason on why you do the things you do in life. It show how you will react to things you are passionate about or any projects you work on with others in the future.

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