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Expression Number 8 Explained

Number 8 personality types bring a certain unique quality to their journey of life. They have meaning, traits, jobs and careers where they can find success, relationships, marriages, love forces and numbers that seem most compatible with their energy. These all come together to showcase the complexities and dynamics of the number 8 personality. Read on to discover more about the number 8.

How to Determining Your Numerology Expression Number

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Expression Number 8 Meaning

Number 8 people often struggle when others are succeeding in life. They are all about learning power dynamics when dealing with issues. This type of personality seeks balance and the energy to flow with the universe. Number 8 people seek to be more successful than others. They are highly ambitious and are often some of the most successful people in the world.

Expression Number 8 Traits

Traits for number 8 people include: accomplished, prosperous, authoritative, strong, professional, materialistic and goal oriented. They are focused and disciplined on the task at hand and will see things through to completion. These people do not get off track when dealing with their goals in life.

They are professional in everything they do. The more difficult and challenging the task, the more it draws in the number 8 personality. Their main goal in life is making as much money as possible. They are very materialistic and believe that true success is tied into how much money and material things they own. Number 8 people want the best and biggest homes, luxury cars, yachts and other things that are common when living a lavish lifestyle.

Number 8 people are authoritative which makes them strong leaders in life. They can be controlling and domineering when it comes to their working environment which can make it difficult for those trying to formulate a team environment. They have strong personalities that often sees their way as the only way to succeed. It can be frustrating for others to work with them, which leads to the idea that they should work alone as much as possible. Number 8 people are often not sociable and will see others as weak and easy to manipulate if they appear too kind and caring.

Number 8 people are highly accomplished in life. They seek to always be the best at their chosen profession. They bring an element of getting things done no matter what it takes attitude. They are highly intelligent and see the glass as half full instead of half empty. Every challenge in life is a way to show their ability to resolve an issue that may be frustrating for others. These types of personalities have high skill levels that can bring a lot to the table if done in the right way.

Number 8 people are stubborn and rigid. They will not bend to other ideas in a group setting. Their ambition is the entire theme of their lives. And when they do not make progress on a project, they end up frustrated and irritated at everyone working around them.

Expression Number 8 Job/Careers

The number 8 type personality is someone who works long hours. Entertainment is a foreign concept for them as they are always wanting to get things done. They are the first into the office and the last ones to leave. They believe that hard work leads to financial success in life. These people work well in careers that include: financial planning, medicine, banking, legal services and being a broker.

These jobs require a higher intelligence and skill level than most. They are highly analytical and offer a precise measurement in making money and enjoying the good life. Money is important to the number 8 personality which is why they are drawn to jobs that require working around money.

Expression Number 8 Relationships, Marriage and Love

Number 8 people prefer to follow their heart when it comes to relationships, marriage and love. This can lead to finding a mate who is just as materialistic and ambitious. This type of personality may see relationships and marriage as a way to work together as a team to find a common goal to become more financially successful in life.

It can be unhealthy to a number 8 if their mate is more accomplished or successful than they are. While they may love their partner, they want to be the frontrunner in the relationship. It will be difficult for a number 8 personality to handle a mate who makes more money than them.

Number 8 people are stubborn and controlling in relationships, love and marriage. They will look for ways to keep their mate in a world where they are in charge. Their relationships may turn into a child adult relationship instead of a true marriage partnership. They can appear cold or not affectionate with their mate, which can leave a lifeless and unnurtured marriage.

They will often have difficulties in making a relationship work and keeping it healthy. Females in particular who have number 8 personalities experience this challenge more than males. In general, number 8 personalities do not effectively communicate their emotions with their partner. This causes a breakdown of their marriage leaving their mate with no other answer than to leave and head for divorce court.

Expression Number 8 Compatibility

The most common number and best path to success for a number 8 personality is to connect with a 4. This seems to be the magic number for compatibility. A 4 is the number of the earth and mankind. The number 4 personality offers stability which tends to calm down the sometimes overly ambitious number 8.

Number 8 people are ambitious, materialistic, strong, authoritative stubborn and rigid. They often do not work well in team environments and would prefer to do things alone where they can use their keen skill level on important projects.

They can be seen as cold, arrogant and superficial because the only thing they want is financial success in life. A marriage partner may find themselves left out in the cold and not communicating well with this type of personality. Their intention is to follow their own heart and pathway in life, often without regard to others.

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