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Soul Urge Number 11 Explained

You intuitively follow your Soul Urge Number because you know it is an essential aspect of your life, especially when you want to have a clearer view of your most profound feelings, desires, and energies.

By following the Soul Urge Number 11, you are allowing yourself to explore new personality depths - and you weren’t even aware of some of them! It would be great if you allow the Universe to surprise you, as your number is powerful!

The Soul Urge Number is also known as Heart’s Desire and both terms are commonly used but refer to the same thing.

How to Determining Your Numerology Heart’s Desire / Soul Urge Number

Use our free online soul urge number calculator to determine your heart’s desire / soul urge number and also learn the rules behind it.

Soul Urge Number 11 Meaning

You are one of the three Master Numbers that are found in Numerology. In other words, you effortlessly reach a higher state of consciousness, something other numbers would love to do!

As a Number 11, you are genuine, unique, and encourage others to evolve spiritually to connect to the source. You want to help others reach their full potential!

Yet, your Heart’s Desire and Soul Urge Number is also telling you another thing: you need to pace yourself before telling others where to go.

If you are not feeling good enough about your life and the energy you are releasing, then you mustn’t tell others what to do!

You have a high potential as a Master Number, but this doesn’t make you better than the rest of the Numbers. In fact, it only means that you have incarnated into this life, and you will face more significant and more profound challenges than in your previous life, hence why you feel like others constantly challenge you.

Lastly, it would be best if you learned how to carry your Master Number’s energies without feeling judged, guilty, or trapped by it. You need to understand that you can change the way you think about your spiritual mission on the earth.

Soul Urge Number 11 Traits

As a Number 11, your Heart’s Desire and Soul Urge is evident. You are the mediator in Numerology, the one that cannot see injustice being made. You tend to be the diplomat, the person who helps others without asking anything in return.

You are extremely sensitive, yet you are also strong enough to tell others how wrong they are. You are intense, and you love it! But, most importantly, you know you are making a massive difference in the world.

You are a natural-born leader because your Master Number can be further split into 1. Additionally, you love working with others because 1 + 1 equals 2.

So, you have an interesting combination between your Master Number 11 and the Number 1 and Number 2. You are a force to reckon with!

Soul Urge Number 11 Job / Careers

You are a messenger, the person who wants to communicate effectively and passionately. You love discovering new things, ideas, places, and people. As a result, you will be great as a journalist, pilot, researcher, or writer.

Your ideas are always received well by others. You have gained a fanbase by thinking the way you do!

Soul Urge Number 11 Relationship, Marriage & Love

You seem to struggle whenever you are in a romantic relationship because most partners do not have the same thirst for your spiritual quest as you do. As a result, you prefer to spend time by yourself, thinking, imagining, and feeling what the Universe has to offer.

This isn’t to say you are not going to have a successful relationship. On the contrary, you will! However, it would be best if you disregarded the intricacies that come with having a partner who is more spiritually “behind or advanced” than you are.

Being in a relationship is no game! And everybody has their own time to deal with things. Your relationship’s dynamics will face many tests to see whether the other person is the right fit for you.

Lastly, you must be relaxed whenever you begin dating another person. Don’t try to figure them out on your first date! Allow things to flow naturally.

Soul Urge Number 11 Compatibility

Generally speaking, when it comes to your Heart’s Desire and Soul Urge, as a Number 11, you tend to have great romantic relationships with other Master Numbers 22 and 33, albeit this relationship could be very intense indeed.

This is because both of you are Master Numbers. Thus, you know what to expect from one another. Ideally, you will also complement each other without overstepping your boundaries or innate abilities.

Alternatively, you are less compatible with numbers 1 and 6. However, this only means you need to step out of your comfort zone to learn about these Numbers; in other words, you could work hard and see if this relationship will thrive despite the possible problems you may face.

Other Heart's Desire / Soul Urge Numbers

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