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Heart's Desire Numbers Soul Urge Numbers Numerology

Soul Urge Number 1 Explained

The Soul Urge Number, also known as Heart’s Desire, is an essential aspect in Numerology, as it gives a clearer view of the person’s most profound feelings, desires, and energies.

As a Soul Urge Number 1, you tend to follow your Sour Urge Number most of the time because you know all about the importance of relying on your instincts. And, guess what? You should continue to do so!

How to Determining Your Numerology Soul Urge Number

Use our free online soul urge number calculator to determine your heart’s desire / soul urge number and also learn the rules behind it.

Soul Urge Number 1 Meaning

If your Heart’s Desire and Soul Urge is Number 1, chances are you are aligned with the mission you have in this world. As a result, you thrive on being the best at everything you do.

Your overriding need to be perfect or to achieve success can be seen as a challenging trait to those closest to you. However, you are the leader of the pack, and they will follow you no matter what!

You are a competitive person who doesn’t take a no for an answer. You like testing your limits and the limits others impose in their lives too! In fact, more often than not, you enjoy pitting yourself against your friends or coworkers just to see who can go further.

Lastly, your perfectionist tendencies make you a lone wolf. The great thing is that you don’t mind being by yourself because you genuinely cherish your independence.

Soul Urge Number 1 Traits

As a Number 1, you are highly competitive. You may struggle through competition, but you will never tell others how you feel, as you fear they will see you as a weak person.

This may be a challenge to some Number 1’s, especially when they struggle to try to understand their self-perception and how the rest of the world sees them.

Some Number 1’s could face some emotional difficulties precisely because of this. Of course, they don’t want to admit it, but they do feel emotionally weak whenever they are not in control of a situation.

It would be best if, as a Number 1, you try to understand what the Heart’s Desire and Soul Urge Number is trying to tell you: it is okay to feel down now and then; you don’t need to filter all your emotions, as they will teach you essential lessons too.

You are a highly intuitive person, but you must be willing to listen to your inner voice now. If not, you will feel lost, unguided, and you will struggle with the direction your life is going.

Soul Urge Number 1 Job / Careers

Thanks to your Heart’s Desire and Soul Urge Number, you are a confident person who can tackle even the most difficult of situations that arise at work. You have the authority to lead others, and your coworkers likely think you are the best person to represent them!

Therefore, managerial positions will suit you perfectly well. People tend to come to you so you can help them solve their problems. Thus, as a Number 1, you could also be a great psychologist or psychoanalyst.

However, your number also gives you some struggles you must be aware of: sometimes you are too stuck on yourself and tend to disregard routines as they don’t seem relevant. You must be disciplined if you would like to succeed!

Lastly, if you choose to be an entrepreneur, chances are you will have great success within the first or second year. This is because you were made to be an entrepreneur - especially if you consider your ability to delegate work to others!

Soul Urge Number 1 Relationship, Marriage & Love

Even though you are an individual who loves being independent, you also yearn to have a romantic partner that can bring joy into your life.

However, your Heart’s Desire and Soul Urge Number will make you feel the need to be in control in love. You don’t like romantic surprises as you tend to feel exposed, and you tend to overlook the work the other person put in.

Additionally, it would be best if you were with someone who allows you to explore your freedom. If not, you may feel trapped by them. Yet, the most crucial aspect for you regarding your love life is the ability to move forward.

Ideally, you would like to share your life with someone who looks forward to their own evolution and, at the same time, who can evolve with you as a romantic partner.

Soul Urge Number 1 Compatibility

Generally speaking, you get along well with most of the other Numbers. However, when it comes to your Heart’s Desire and Soul Urge, as a Number 1, you tend to have great romantic relationships with Numbers 4 and 8.

Alternatively, you are less compatible with numbers 6 and 7. However, this only means you need to step out of your comfort zone to learn about these Numbers; in other words, you could work hard and see if this relationship will thrive despite the possible problems you may face.

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