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Soul Urge Number 5 Explained

Your Soul Urge Number is only exacerbated by your need to find freedom. It almost seems like if you cannot be free, then you cannot listen to others either!

As a Soul Urge Number 5, it would be great if you stayed true to yourself. This may be challenging at times, especially when people continuously tell you to look the other way around instead of doing what your heart is telling you to do.

The Soul Urge Number is also known as Heart’s Desire, and both terms are commonly used but refer to the same thing.

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How to Determining Your Numerology Soul Urge Number

Use our free online soul urge number calculator to determine your heart’s desire/soul urge number and also learn the rules behind it.

Soul Urge Number 5 Meaning

Your Heart’s Desire and Soul Urge are both encouraging you to seek freedom. But, to you, nothing is as essential as feeling happy and excited. Additionally, you want to honor your sense of adventure all the time.

You are a highly adaptable person who encourages others to adapt to different situations as well. You are progressive, and you tend to move forward without looking at your past. In fact, you appreciate your history as it has provided you with great lessons, but it is all about living in the present moment!

As a representative of Number 5, your middle name is “freedom.” So you will not get angry or upset if things don’t work out, as long as they didn’t work out, because you had the freedom to mess up!

Moreover, you love change, and you continuously search for it. You know you want to explore the world and see its true colors; therefore, change is inevitable. However, sometimes you don’t even need to leave the house to see the world because you have a wild imagination that takes you everywhere!

Soul Urge Number 5 Traits

As a representative of Number 5, you are the life of any party! The great thing about you is that you will become best friends with numerous people; thus, you are willing to embrace others for who they are and not for what they do or have.

Besides, you welcome others; the weirder a person may be, the more you will like talking to them. To you, everybody’s story is worth telling, hence why you are always talking to people, asking them how they feel and how they are doing!

You may think you are fearless, but the truth is you do get paralyzed by fear at some points. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, though, even if you think this internal struggle can be detrimental to your mental health.

Lastly, it would be great if you try to spend some time listening to your inner voice. What is it telling you? This is truly important, especially if you would like to overcome some of your problems.

Soul Urge Number 5 Job / Careers

You want others to feel excited about life just like you do. As a result, you will be a perfect fit for careers in the hospitality or travel industry. Moreover, you will truly shine if you become a journalist, as you enjoy seeking new stories to tell.

If you combine two of your biggest passions (travel and communication), you will end up with great career choices. For example, you could become a travel blogger or a travel journalist. You will also succeed at being a simultaneous translator!

However, it would be great to avoid being in a 9-5 job as this will consume you! In fact, you will even think you are paying some hefty karma debt by going into an office to work.

Soul Urge Number 5 Relationship, Marriage & Love

Your Heart’s Desire and Soul Urge Number is usually the one that values independence and freedom above anything else. That’s why you don’t feel like being in a relationship most of the time.

However, once you meet someone interesting, you will fall head over heels for them. Your love life will blossom in the early stages of the romance. Yet, you will soon find yourself feeling restrained, and you will lose interest in your partner sooner than later.

This doesn’t mean you will never have a long-term partner! However, it does mean that your love life will depend on how the other person deals with your freedom.

If they don’t feel entirely at ease with it, chances are this relationship won’t work out. If, on the other hand, they are searching for freedom and adventure as much as you, then this will be a highly compatible match.

Soul Urge Number 5 Compatibility

Generally speaking, when it comes to your Heart’s Desire and Soul Urge, as a Number 5, you tend to have great romantic relationships with Numbers 3 and 7. This is because you will both value the freedom you already have, and you will actively search for new experiences that will make you stronger!

Alternatively, you are less compatible with numbers 2 and 4. However, this only means you need to step out of your comfort zone to learn about these Numbers; in other words, you could work hard and see if this relationship will thrive despite the possible problems you may face.

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