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Soul Urge Number 33 Explained

You know your Soul Urge Number gives you an essential outlook about life. As a result, you tend to follow your desires and most profound feelings, and this makes you pay attention to what’s real.

Therefore, your presence and your preferences are always well represented because you stay true to who you really are. And guess what? You should continue following your Soul Urge!

The Soul Urge Number is also known as Heart’s Desire and both terms are commonly used but refer to the same thing.

How to Determining Your Numerology Heart’s Desire / Soul Urge Number

Use our free online soul urge number calculator to determine your heart’s desire / soul urge number and also learn the rules behind it.

Soul Urge Number 33 Meaning

As a Number 33, you feel the urge to tell others how to elevate themselves to feel the love the Universe has to offer. Yet, what you fail to understand is that everybody already loves, albeit everybody does it differently.

Your Heart’s Desire and Soul Urge is evident, and your Number 33 has a high potential as a spiritual teacher or medium. You know your job is to bring more calm and equanimous energy into the world.

As a result, your spiritual path is guided by your instincts, who never seem to fail you. So continue your work as the world’s healer, but you should never forget to clean yourself afterward. If not, you will be carrying -and spreading- negative energy wherever you go!

Soul Urge Number 33 Traits

You often wondered why you have such a strong personality that often conflicts with others. It almost seems like you are at war whenever you don’t agree with someone else!

Now you have your answer. Your Heart’s Desire and Soul Urge Number 33 makes you feel this way. You are in a constant battle with yourself because you receive too much information from the Universe. The worst part is that you don’t know how to release this to the rest of the world.

On top of this, you are also carrying the Number 3s and Number 6s energies everywhere you go. So you are a triple threat to humanity because you choose to see and spread the light and the truth!

You are an optimistic person even if you don’t believe in yourself at times. You prefer to be creative instead of analytical, and you enjoy connecting with others through your art.

Yet, sometimes you can be challenging to work with, especially whenever you are having a bad day and are overly sensitive. You seem to disconnect from what makes you “you.”

Soul Urge Number 33 Job / Careers

You have a particular purpose and journey in life: you encourage and inspire people to be creative, joyful, and filled with love. You want others to feel as happy and excited as you are whenever you are creative.

As a result, you will be great if you decide to become an artist. For example, you can make a considerable crowd go wild whenever you read your spoken poetry out loud! Or you can attract people from all over the world just to see your latest art exhibition.

Yet, you also have a more ‘down-to-earth’ side, which is the one that tells you to buy some land in the middle of nowhere and garden your life away! Thus, you will be a great homesteader too!

Soul Urge Number 33 Relationship, Marriage & Love

You seem to struggle whenever you are in a romantic relationship because most partners do not have the same thirst for your spiritual quest as you do. As a result, you prefer to spend time by yourself, thinking, imagining, and feeling what the Universe has to offer.

This isn’t to say you are not going to have a successful relationship. On the contrary, you will! However, it would be best if you disregarded the intricacies that come with having a partner who is more spiritually “behind or advanced” than you are.

Everybody deals with things differently, and, as a Master Number 33, you should be aware of this. Your Heart’s Desire and Soul Urge Number is kindly telling you to wait for the right person instead of blindly love everybody that comes into your life.

Soul Urge Number 33 Compatibility

Generally speaking, when it comes to your Heart’s Desire and Soul urge, as a Number 33, you tend to have great romantic relationships with other Master Numbers 11 and 22, albeit this relationship could be very intense indeed.

This is because both of you are Master Numbers; thus, you know what to expect from one another. Ideally, you will also complement each other without overstepping your boundaries or innate abilities.

Alternatively, you are less compatible with numbers 3 and 6. However, this only means you need to step out of your comfort zone to learn about these Numbers; in other words, you could work hard and see if this relationship will thrive despite the possible problems you may face.

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