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Palm Reading Essentials | What - Why - How

Palm Reading Essentials | What - Why - How

Have you ever wondered what the shape, size, lines, and even the spirals on your palm and fingers mean in your life? The reading of palms at times includes the arm, fingernails, and fingers. Many people wish to tell their future one way or another. Palm reading, the practice of interpreting the line patterns of your palm, comes close to fulfilling this desire. However, there is a lot more to palm reading like wealth accumulation, career direction, marriage life, and much more.

Palmistry is an ancient practice that can fulfill your fascination with the structure of your palms. Whether you are doing it to satisfy your personal curiosity or for someone else, palmistry can help you to reveal current and future characteristics of anyone by just studying the dominant hand. This is the hand that you use the most while the less used hand is the less active hand. Learn To Do This Yourself

Is Palmistry Effective on Either Hands

Let it be known that despite the fact that the majority of humans are right-handed, the results of palm readings do not favor one based on whether they are right or left-handed. However, the right hand always takes precedence when palmist’s give their readings. This biased ensures that the right hand contributes more to the result and the left-hand covers the rest through a method of deduction or subtraction determined by the palmists.

In summary;

  • The less active hand acts as a baseline and is host to inherited traits.
  • The dominant hand is full of life events and changes occurring from the inherited state.
  • To see how hard one worked on self-improvement, just look at the prominent line variations on the passive and dominant hands.

More intimately, the palm readings reveal;

  • Possible fate and personal characteristics.
  • The condition of your health.
  • How you relate to everyone else.
  • Your family background and resource availability.

History of Palm Reading

Palm reading is an ancient practice with deep roots in India’s past but it now exists in most parts of the world. Also known as palmistry, those who practice it are known as hand readers, palmists, or chilorogists. The consistent practice of palmists worldwide makes it prone to numerous cultural variations resulting in conflicting interpretations. Learn To Do This Yourself

Modern Influence of Palmistry

Modern developments tend to give several ancient practices a back seat terming them as baseless or outdated. Palmistry is one such practice that academics disapprove of. The contradictions in every palm reading interpretation lack tangible evidence of predictions. All these make academics believe that palm readers are pseudoscientists.

The Meaning of Your Palms and Fingers

To be able to read palms there are four basic identities that you should be familiar with and you can learn how to do the reading yourself in a few simple steps.

Earth Hands (Square palms and short fingers)

Earth hand individuals tend to be honest people. It is ironic that they appear traditional and down to earth people despite the fact that they are materialists. Intellectual pursuits are the least of their interest as much as they appear to have a practical outlook on life.

Fire Hands (Short fingers and long palms)

These adventurers people tend to be quite energetic and restless. They also take on risks head-on making them ideal candidates for leadership positions, which also require charisma and enthusiasm. However, fire hands individuals are attention seekers, a habit that makes them less appealing.

Air Hands (Long fingers and square palms)

The clever and intellectual hands are the air hands. Skilled at what they do and very articulate, they have good ideas and they also pursue their dreams relentlessly. However, overthinking everything takes them off course on occasion.

Water Hands (Long fingers and long palms)

Dreamers like air hands individuals are quite imaginative and creative people. On the other hand, they are emotional and moody. The upside is that they are accommodative and good confidants thanks to their charisma.

How to Interpret the 4 Main Lines on Your Palm

The Heart Line

 The physical and emotional state of your heart is represented by identifying the horizontal line that runs across the top of your palm. Heart lines that begin below the index finger are a source of contentedness in relationships while a line that runs below the middle finger represents restlessness.

The Head Line

 Below the heart line runs the horizontal head line cutting across the palm. This represents your mind and brain’s physical and emotional state. Wavy headlines stand for progressive thinking, unlike straight lines that represent a traditional approach. Broken lines stand for an optimist, mental strife, and breakthroughs.

The Life Line

Unlike the other two above, the life line is a curved line that runs from below the base of your thumb to the base center of your hand. These unique lines represent your vitality and prosperity strengths. Depth suggests a rich experience. Length portrays the influence of other people along your life path.

The Fate Line

 As fate would have it, the fate line makes a rare appearance on palms. It runs vertically across the hand often cutting across both the heart line and head line. Its purpose serves career path and success in your life.

Clues on your Thumbs Relating to Palmistry

There is a belief that our thumbs connect to our brains and the thumb’s shape reflects the position of our heads.

  • Long thumbs – here we have very direct and self-assured people with good judgment skills that make them great leaders. Extremely long hands are more of a self-absorbed person. Short thumbs – here is where you find impressionable people albeit emotional. Worse still they are indecisive and tactless.
  • Thick thumbs – lookout for stubbornness in them.
  • Thumbs with square tips – quite the pragmatic people.
  • Thumbs with pointy tips – not the best planners out there as they are impulsive and struggle with strategies.
  • Thumbs with smooth, straight joints – this is a strong and active individual.
  • Thumbs with knotty joints – lots of energy flow full of error

Evolution as we know it took a slow turn but parts of our bodies still evolve, one of them being the palm. The fate line evolves the most of all the lines and it could be a reflection of a significant change in your life at some point in your life. Learn To Do This Yourself

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