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Finding Love through Texting

Finding Love through Texting

How times have changed, one would argue. Many generations ago, finding love was not art as it is now. You had to make your intention very clear from the onset meaning courtship was rare. This was a perfect example of learning on the job and learning about each other as you go unlike now where you can find love through texting long before you even make eye contact.

Evolution of Communication and Expression of Interest

Because of traditions, beliefs, or status, your life partner missed an opportunity to show his prowess in wooing you to fall in love. Unlike today, nobody was out there spending time trying to find a partner that completes him or her or one that shares similar interests. Things are easier now. Texting has leveled the courtship field, what with the many forms of apps that make it easier to play the field at the comfort of your home, car, or office without revealing your true expressions.

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Good communication is essential in creating and maintaining healthy relationships. Over time, face-to-face communication has decreased in popularity due to the growth of telecommunication companies. As a result, texting, social media interactions, and mobile phone calls have become conventional channels of communication.

For instance, according to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, approximately 73% of American adults who have cell phones send and receive text messages (Pew Internet, 2011). Hence, texting can be a means to find and develop romantic relationships. This can be achieved

through positive texting habits such as displaying honesty, giving thoughtful compliments, and controlling the amount of text one sends at a particular instance. An individual can further spice up a conversation by incorporating activities such as role-playing. Therefore, the use of positive text habits when conversing with a potential romantic partner can help improve the connection and intimacy between the involved parties.

Mastering Texting to Land a Date

Some people are very with the written word more than the spoken word. They have a way with words that they can manipulate to find a way to your heart without uttering the word love. Someone can use texts to bring you closer or create a distance between you two depending on one’s underlying intentions.

However, texting can make or break your relationship. You can meet someone online, interact, and then exchange contacts to carry on to courtship without meeting often. This is true for cases where you both live far away to meet often or your potential partner is too busy with his or her career to adopt the traditional ways of meeting a partner.


Virtual interactions provide a safe space for people who often experience communication difficulties in social setups (Valkenburg & Peter, 2009). Often, these people find it easy to disclose honest details about themselves when there is no fear of judgment through other facial expressions. Honesty during texting improves intimacy because the involved parties feel they know each other and can, therefore, develop a deep connection. However, one needs to remain honest when declaring their intentions for the other party as this would determine how far the relationship would fare. Giving genuine information about yourself, especially your strengths and weaknesses improve your self-image and present you as authentic.

Thoughtful Compliments

Compliments, given either through text or in person, feel great. Giving compliments in a kind, sweet, and even flirty way makes your potential partner feel appreciated. To increase love interests, the compliments given should be thoughtful and specific. For example, a man can remind a lady of the beautiful dress she wore during their last date and how gorgeous it looked on her while a woman can praise a man for handling a tough situation in a wise, and knowledgeable manner. However, the compliments should be limited since excessive flattery may sound insincere.

Over texting

A texting game can be compared to a badminton game where a player waits for the other player to return the shuttlecock before hitting. Similarly, one should only text the other party as often as they did text them. Additionally, setting texting boundaries can be an indicator of individual freedom while too much texting by one partner can strain the attraction. In particular, texting often displays desperation, clinginess, and neediness. Nonetheless, partners can consensually share sexy pictures through “sexting” albeit in a limited number to avoid annoying the receiving Click Here To Find Your Love Through Texting Today

party unless they are ok with it. In this way, both individuals leave room for future texts as the relationship grows. Moreover, sending many long text messages can inconvenience the receiver especially if they are at work or indulge in an activity. Ideally, both individuals should send the same amount of text and initiate conversations equally.


Texting interestingly, with childish playfulness sparks interest and desire. One way of keeping the conversation fun, spicy, and intriguing is through role-playing. Role-play refers to a fun and flirtatious technique used to develop or reignite interest between texting parties whereby both parties assume roles of imaginary characters. For example, a couple can pretend to be a romantic couple on an adventure, and travel back to history. They can further share old romantic photos from magazines and old novels pretending that they are the individuals in the pictures. Therefore, role-playing is a fun way to create and share collaborative experiences thus making individuals feel more in love and connected.


Texting is one of the effective ways of creating intimate bonds between individuals although it has one setback, you can be ghosted and have a string of endless un replied messages if something happens or the other person goes offline. They are not an effective way of solving problems or seeking urgent responses from your better half. On the other hand, adopting positive texting habits creates and keeps a spark between couples and, thus, improves the quality of their relationship. Fun, authenticity, compliments, and spontaneity are some of the key texting factors that increase the probability of finding a partner. Besides, these factors also increase the interest of the targeted party. Still, face-to-face interaction is required for a healthy and progressive relationship. Click Here To Find Your Love Through Texting Today

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