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Personality Number 7 Explained

When a person discovers he or she is a number 7, they suddenly feel a sign of relief. It feels as if all of a sudden they can put into words how they have felt all their lives. They are quirky, but they quickly embrace this quirkiness precisely because of their representation number.

This number is often associated with positivism, joy, and wisdom. But it is also known for being open-minded, straightforward, and real.

If this is your representation number, you probably feel at the top of the world most of the time. Yet, you also know that when you fall, you go deep into the rabbit hole.

Personality Number 7 tend to be intriguing and curious, and this is a perfect combination for those individuals that are bound to change the world.

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Personality Number 7 Meaning

A number 7 can be shy - only because they feel like the rest of the world dramatically misunderstands them. And, up to a point this is exactly the case! People don’t really know you, only because you don’t really open up to them.

If you are a number 7, chances are you have difficulty feeling and being free. You only feel comfortable and confident with your closest friends and relatives.

Suppose you are associated with the number 7. In that case, your personality is very social, which is a great dichotomy that expresses how you feel on the inside (which gives way to your shyness) and what you think you ought to do (which encourages you to be a social butterfly).

Your number 7 gives you a different perception of life, perhaps because your number is directly connected to sacred geometry. Thus, you can see a different angle in any situation. You are a unique number, but you sometimes forget why you are so special.

Personality Number 7 Traits

Number 7s are intriguing individuals who have a mysterious personality. They are intuitive in nature, and they pay close attention to their creative abilities. As a number 7, you are full of wisdom, and you understand what it’s like to have the courage to move on from challenging situations.

You are also a hilarious person. As a result, everybody loves spending time with you. You are often seen as the life of any party, and your presence is agreeable with most who meet you.

You know how to solve problems, and you are excellent at finding amicable solutions to disputes. People are genuinely happy to meet you because they know they can count on you no matter what.

Personality Number 7 Job / Careers

To some people, you are not the brightest person in the world. They think you could improve some of your skills and even argue you are not knowledgeable about many things.

In a way, this is true, you don’t know it all, and you are not afraid to show this, which is also a great trait you have because you offer your most authentic colors to anybody willing to see them.

Ironically, those people don’t know you at all. You tend to excel in your chosen career path, and you are a knowledgeable person.

You have a strong mind, which sometimes could even get you in trouble because you don’t seem to emphasize another co-worker’s struggle.

Yet, your contributions to humanity are very significant and will definitely have a snowball effect on those who are impacted by your work. You are the explorer, the inventor, the philosopher, or the psychologist looking for his or her patient’s well-being.

Personality Number 7 Relationship, Marriage & Love

It takes a while for you to master the art of falling in love. But once you do, your partner will need to be prepared because what is about to come can surely frighten those who are not ready for your insensitivity.

You tend to value another person’s views, and even if you don’t completely agree with them, you will fight hard for them to be heard. This makes you a great communicator, which is a quality all your partners seem to appreciate thoroughly.

You will, however, need to watch out for those individuals who say they care for you, only to prove you wrong. False friendships and relationships are always around the corner, just be wise about who you spend your time with.

Personality Number 7 Compatibility

Number 7 is usually compatible with numbers 5, 11, and 33. Those are the numbers that will form a romantic relationship. These numbers get along so well that they are bound to be together for a very long time.

These numbers will love you for who you are, and they will appreciate your output in the relationship. They know they will need to earn your trust before you begin to let go of all your personality’s layers, but they are willing to work hard to show you how important you are to them.

On the other hand, the number 9 is not compatible with you because you two seem to be wanting different things. If you say black, number 9 will say white. If you say yes, they will say no. And all these differences, albeit small, will give way to unhappiness.

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