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Abundance Living

Seek A Fulfilling Life By Embracing Abundance Living

Seek A Fulfilling Life By Embracing Abundance Living

The word abundance often refers to surplus, that of great quantity, plenty, or more than adequate. Abundant living refers to having a life full of joy, prosperity, fulfillment, strength, and maturity of mind, body, and soul. Most people aspire to lead such a life although a good number defines abundant living narrowly as consisting of material wealth and possessions. Living abundantly has more to do with one’s spirituality, attitude, relationship with others, and ability to seize opportunities that come along your way. Additionally, it provides a channel to release negativity and attract positive energy into your life. Learn More


In Christian doctrines, abundant life refers to the fullness and fulfillment of life. God comes into peoples’ lives to satisfy a deeper need, which worldly possessions cannot satisfy.

According to the Bible, God is able to do significant things, which are way beyond all we can ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). He also promises to fill His people with the Holy Spirit, and, in this way, they will be lacking in nothing. For that reason, they are likely to lead an abundant life since they enjoy God’s blessings, peace, love, and wisdom.

At the same time, spiritual people tend to be rich in grace, which they can share with others. Thus, through faith in divine power, God transforms a person’s wish to be more in conformity with His will. Individuals living in abundance, therefore, do not worry about what is to come; they trust that God is in control and He will bring them prosperity.


One of the greatest manifestations of abundant life is a positive attitude, even in the midst of challenges. One’s thoughts and words have a great impact on their lives and for that reason, people are always encouraged to keep a positive mindset at all times.

When you have such an outlook in life, you are likely to find something positive to hope for always. It does not matter whether you have lost a loved one or a job, struggling with an abusive relationship, or you have failed to achieve your intended goals. With the central belief that at some point in life, all will be well, one receives peace that transcends all understanding.

Abundance versus Scarcity Mentality

The abundance mentality states that there are enough resources for everyone. Therefore, for example, someone else’s achievement is not in any way your loss.

The abundance mentality opposes the scarcity mentality whose believers perceive that there is only a fixed amount of reward so there is not enough for everyone. When individuals think from a perspective of lack, their motivation is usually jealousy and fear. They think in negatives and what they lack mentally affects them.

On the other hand, an abundance mentality enriches peoples’ self-worth and confidence, and it helps them to stay rooted even during challenging periods.

Connection with Others

People get to experience the joy of giving, by helping each other, which brings with it a sense of accomplishment. However, often, people jeopardize their well-being by censoring what they say to guard their secrets and to appear to be of perfect health - both financially and physically - and in successful relationships.

While it may seem difficult for most individuals, opening up to someone you trust helps with one’s mental life and contributes towards living an abundant life. The people you talk to might give you the much-needed help or support you require.

On the other hand, by helping others, and letting others assist you, you receive the joy of giving. Good relationships give an individual a lot of joy in life. It is through relationships that you love and be loved, and, thus, experience the abundance of life.

Seizing Opportunities

The way you seize and use opportunities that come along your path matters a great deal. Those who make good use of opportunities are likely to achieve success faster and advance further in life as compared to those who do not.

In order to maximize opportunities, you should perfect your skills and know your strengths. The opportunities you get could be unexpected, but most likely they would be related to the skills that you possess.

Look out for such changes, and once you have one, explore it fully. Taking up new opportunities and using them to achieve your goals brings a sense of contentment, which helps you to live a fulfilling life. Learn More

More Tips on How to Live an Abundant Life

It is hard to believe that all of us already have the capability to live an abundant life. We have the ability to control our attitude towards life and since it is something we have control over, having a positive attitude makes all the difference.

A few tips can help you discover how to decode and live an abundant life:

  • Gratitude – be thankful for everything. Appreciate what you have however small or big and take nothing for granted.
  • Look forward to a fruitful day – make a personal commitment to start your day well and steer it to end as a fruitful day.
  • Do not let opportunities slip by – using opportunities that come your way to help you to advance faster in life. Always be ready to receive and act.
  • Make friends – true friendships have meaning when you need someone to look out for you. The feeling of having someone to rely on brings great joy, love, and acceptance.
  • Live your life in the best way possible – live now and embrace your abundant lifestyle now rather than hoping a certain situation in your life will change in the future to guarantee abundance.
  • Embrace the spirit of abundance – envy and low self-esteem can trigger dissatisfaction with one’s life or achievements because in their eyes it will never be enough. Instead, they should have an abundance mentality where everyone is a winner, including them.
  • Smile often and seek happiness in the little things – we are never sure of how our day turns out. Smiling, regardless of how bad or good the situation shows that you are tough and ready for anything that the world throws at you.


Abundant living means fulfillment of life, which is a contrast to feelings of lack, emptiness, and dissatisfaction. Almost everyone’s dream is to lead an abundant life, that is, to be happy and fulfilled. While this fulfillment may seem impossible to achieve, a positive mindset and a great relationship with both God and people are all it takes to live an abundant life. For More On Abundant living Click Here

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