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How to Prepare for Reiki PLUS 14 More Questions Answered

How to Prepare for Reiki PLUS 14 More Questions Answered

Reiki is becoming a widely popular therapy these days. Many people are talking about seeking it for its excellent benefits. For starters who don’t know much about Reiki, this post gives more enlightenment by answering some fundamental questions about this therapy.

1. What Is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that uses a person’s energy to trigger the natural healing functions that exist in another person’s body. It involves a Reiki practitioner and a recipient of the technique.

The practitioner gently moves their hands on or just above the recipient’s body, ensuring a healthy flow of energy. That action promotes both physical and mental healing. It’s worth noting that the practitioner neither causes the healing nor generates the healing energy as it may seem. Instead, they just act as a channel for energy.

2. How to Pronounce Reiki?

The reiki pronunciation is Ray.kee.

3. Where Does Reiki Help?

Reiki helps with both physical and emotional health as well as wellness. For example, you can use this technique to manage or completely get rid of symptoms of a disease, as well as physical or emotional pain. It’s also a good recovery therapy for those who have had surgery.

4. How Does Reiki Work?

Though not yet determined scientifically, here are the two theories that seek to explain just how Reiki works:

THEORY 1: Biofield

The first theory involves the biofield phenomenon. For starters, this is simply an electromagnetic field that surrounds and permeates every living thing. According to the professor of physiology and Reiki researcher at the University of Arizona’s College of Medicine— Ann L. Baldwin, Ph.D., this field extends at least 15 feet from the body, in humans.

We all know that the heart and brain produce an electrical field, measured through an electrocardiogram. These electrical fields are created by the cells in the body that generate an electrical charge through positive and negative charges.

This theory suggests that the interaction between two human magnetic fields may be the cause of the effects of Reiki. It’s thought that Reiki energy influences the biofield, the force that guides bodily functions.

THEORY 2: Quantum Physics

The second theory on how Reiki works are based on quantum physics, the study of how small particles such as photons and electrons behave. Physicists have discovered that these minute energy particles can be in more than one place simultaneously and that intention or thought may change how the particles behave. That may explain how a Reiki practitioner may be able to gather and direct energy(biofield energy) to the recipient just through intentions or thoughts!

5. What Does the Bible Say About Reiki?

Reiki can either be righteous or sinful, depending on who you give credit for the healing. Is it God, your practitioner, or yourself?

Mathew 10:1 talks about Jesus giving his disciples authority to heal every disease and every affliction. It wouldn’t be a sinful act, using Reiki to manifest that authority as long as you recognize God. Don’t forget that Reiki has nothing to do with religion.

However, Reiki would be sinful if it makes you have faith in your practitioner’s or ownself’s power as opposed to God’s power as far as healing goes. Unfortunately, many people who participate in this healing technique don’t give recognition to God for the healing. Instead, they give credit to their practitioner or themselves, which is a big sin.

6. How to Prepare for Reiki Treatment?

How to prepare for Reiki is essential as it is with any other kind of healing or massage treatment. Don’t come rushed in and stressed out as it will waste your precious session.

Follow these pre-reiki tips will help you receive the most benefits out of your treatment:

  • Relax and reflect. That way, you’ll be able to overcome shyness when the therapy begins and also put your mind in the right state for the process. Give yourself at least 30 minutes for that.
  • Eat and hydrate a few hours before the treatment. This will ensure you are comfortable and not distracted by hunger or thirst during the treatment.
  • Ensure you’re comfortable as comfort is key if you want to derive maximum benefits from this healing technique. Make sure you are wearing clothes in which you are comfortable.

7. How Often Should You Have Reiki Treatment?

Practitioners recommend receiving treatment at least once after every four days if you have a serious health challenge.

8. What Is a Distance Healing Session?

Distance healing is an advanced form of Reiki where the practitioner can remotely heal their recipient who is far away. Advanced Reiki practitioners can perform it.

9. How Does Reiki Work Long Distance?

In distance healing, the practitioner designates an object to represent a client, performing healing on the object. This translates into healing for the client. A holographic image of the client is commonly used.

10. What Can You Expect From a Distance Healing Treatment?

You can expect all the benefits of Reiki from distance healing, such as physical and mental health & wellness.

The only difference is that you and the practitioner are not in the same room.

11. What Are Light Codes in Reiki and Distance Healing?

Light Codes are all things in one encoded with healing energy, which the entire creation emits. For example, sound waves, frequencies, energy patterns, light patterns, colors, and sacred geometries connect with the soul rather than the logical mind.

12. How Do Light Codes Work?

Light codes work by transmitting to the receiver. The higher mind of the receiver then activates the codes, which then work with the receiver’s energy to bring forth the desired outcome.

13. Who Is Reiki Treatment Intended For?

Reiki is for anyone who desires to achieve physical and emotional health and wellness regardless of age, gender, or any other distinguishing factor.

14. How Do You Find a Reiki Practitioner Near You?

A good start is to search in the Reiki directoy of the Reiki Healing Association.

Alternatively, asking around, seeking recommendations from people you trust or searching online.

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15. How Much Is a Reiki Session?

The cost varies per session depending on the practitioner. However, it’s generally between $50 and $100.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to prepare for Reiki session and all the common questions before a first session.

Reiki is a popular therapy that is aimed at improving your physical and mental wellness. This therapy does wonders to the beneficiary, which explains its growing popularity. However, if you want to know more before getting started with it, check out the questions and answers above one more time.

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