Yantra Manifestation

Yantra manifestation is an audio program created and authored by Michael Tsering, who is an expert in sacred geometry and spiritual instructions.

Numerology Versus Astrology

Numerology Versus Astrology And Their Interdependence Normal life is simple as we know it but we are oblivious to many factors that have a direct influence on it.

Life Path Number 1 Explained

You are all about moving forward, dear Number 1! In fact, if the word active could be your middle name, it would definitely be, as it represents your constant state of being.

Life Path Number 4 Explained

If 4 is your Life Path Number, chances are you have this earthy energy and aura that comes out very naturally.

Life Path Number 5 Explained

In Numerology, this number is represented by adventure, freedom, and free will. It is often said that number 5s need to feel the world as soon as they are born because they have a particular need to feel it all!