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Discover Your True Potential through Chakra Activation

Discover Your True Potential through Chakra Activation

From birth, we naturally live for one thing – survival. As long as you are breathing, your life is active but the level of activeness varies with every individual. And over time as you become an adult, you want to give your life meaning, to find a purpose, and probably live a fulfilling life. However, something has to guide your life, something that is not obvious to you so you have to identify it and activate it. This thing is your chakras - the energy centers in your body. Activate Your Hidden Powers Today

The human body is made up of vast pools of energy which when activated contributes to a person’s general well-being. These pools of energy are called a chakra, meaning wheel or disc because they move inside us in a spinning manner.

This spinning force has seven centers in your body hence the seven chakras. Four are in the upper body and are in charge of your mental properties. The other three are in the lower part and they govern your instinctual properties. In a healthy person, the chakras are in balance and provide energy to all parts of your body and mind. However, when a chakra is out of balance e.g. spins too fast, is slower, or blocked, then your health and wellbeing begin to suffer.

The Seven Chakras

Each chakra has its color and has a different effect on your physical, mental, and spiritual being.

The 1st – Muladhara (Root Chakra)

This red chakra is at the base of your spine. It is associated with the element earth. Its role is to provide you with everything you need for survival here on earth, including financial and emotional security. When this chakra is activated, you feel safe, grounded, and in control of your life.

Specific activation actions include;

  • Take active yoga session, dancing lessons or walking barefoot on grass
  • Use of aromatherapy
  • Napping under a shade or spending some alone time under a tree

The 2nd – Svadhishana (Sacral Chakra)

This chakra is orange and located in your lower abdomen. It is associated with your emotions, desires, pleasure, and sexuality. It motivates you to enjoy your life while here on earth. When activated, you feel alive, sensual, desired, and trusting towards others.

Specific activation actions include;

  • Spend more time in or around water by swimming, taking baths or just relaxing close to a water body.
  • Be more outgoing on dates and sightseeing, get a massage, become intimate.
  • Indulge in some dark chocolate or fruit tea or savor some ripe mangoes.

The 3rd – Manipura (Solar Plexus)

This yellow chakra starts at the center of your belly button to your breastbone. It is your source of power and the birthplace of your self-confidence and identity. When activated, you feel energized and have respect for yourself and others.

Specific activation actions include;

  • Take mood-lifting lemons.
  • Spice up your taste with spicy foods or ginger tea.
  • Bask in the sun, light a candle, or sit by a campfire.
  • Wear clothes that make you glow, dance to your favorite rock music

The 4th – Anahata (Heart)

This green chakra is closely related to your heart.

It is where your love and compassion are empowered. When activated, you can practice unconditional love, empathy, and feel friendly towards others.

Specific activation actions include;

  • Be grateful for family members and close friends, show some love, and give hugs.
  • Look out for yourself and have some me-time listening to music, doing yoga, or dancing.
  • Practice gardening, keep house plants

The 5th – Vishuddha (Throat)

This blue throat chakra is associated with the communication you have with yourself and with others. It is about finding your voice. When balanced, you feel confident to communicate what is in your mind.

Specific activation actions include;

  • Keep a journal for your wild thoughts.
  • Hold conversations, share recipes through teaching
  • Let the energy flow through your throat via singing or humming your favorite songs

The 6th – Ajna (The Third Eye)

Ajua is located in the head, between the eyebrows. It is indigo in color. It is the symbol of intuition and it is about your inner vision and clarity of thoughts. The third eye sees the true reality. When activated, you feel focused, steady, and able to see things from a higher perspective.

Specific activation actions include;

  • Explore nonstop free-writing
  • Read just about anything that appeals to you
  • Engage in yoga-like activities where you lose track of time and space

The 7th Chakra – Sahaswara (Crown)

Just like a crown, this purple chakra is located at the top of your head and controls your** brain. **This is where your consciousness is located and connects you to the entire universe. When activated, then you have found your life purpose. A balanced seventh chakra is not easy to achieve but once you do, you are no longer considered an ordinary human.

Specific activation actions include;

  • Engage in at least one progressive activity every day
  • Meditate and regain control over your mind
  • Listening to some soothing classical music

How to Activate Your Chakras

Chakras have an energy source known as Prana where they harness energy from, mobilize, and feed your body to emit outward energy.

The seven chakras work best when balanced. The energy of chakra can be balanced, active, inactive, overactive, or blocked. Chakras are interdependent meaning for effectiveness, they should be simultaneously active to avoid interchanging negative and positive effects on adjacent chakras. Systematic movement is desirable because a fast, slow, or blocked chakra movement may harm your body. Activate Your Powers Today

Although each chakra has its specific activation systems, you can use the below general steps to activate a chakra whenever you feel it is out of balance. An awakened chakra brings greater self-awareness leading to psychological benefits. You can activate your chakra through;

1. Meditation

This is the most powerful and reliable way to activate your chakras. It is best to make meditation a regular practice for long-term results.

2. Practicing Intensifying Mudras

Mudras are special hand positions. Their practice can help activate your chakras. Each chakra has its corresponding mudra different from the rest. To activate a chakra you, therefore, need to focus on its mudra.

3. Chanting Chakra Mantras

By chanting a chakra mantra, you activate the energy blocking the chakra that you want to activate. Just like mudra, each chakra also has its mantra.

4. Wearing Chakra Jewelry

Wearing certain chakra crystals encourages the movement of energy through blocked chakras, leading to their activation.


The seven chakras are related and have a strong influence on each other. Therefore, to achieve a full and serene life, you need to unblock and maintain a healthy balance of all the seven chakras.

Activate Your Powers Today

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